Who is the Rune King Thor? #1 Explained In Hindi

Who is the Rune King Thor? #1 Explained In Hindi

Basically, it is the Most Powerful version of Thor.

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44 thoughts on “Who is the Rune King Thor? #1 Explained In Hindi

  1. Bhai sabse jayda Powerful konsa thor hai Rune King Thor, Old King Thor, cosmic Thor ya phoenix Thor

  2. @superhero comics give me the ruin king Thor story line and fight b/w Thor and god of Asgard full story ….pls

  3. Bro, Rune King Thor defeated Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, who were considered to be the Beyonders in different comics. Beyonders are among the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe, they are nigh omnipotent beings. Rune King Thor also became omniscient and omnipresent by combining with Eternity. RKT is by far the most powerful version of Thor. Second most powerful version of Thor would be the Phoenix King Thor.

  4. someone please tell that where rune king thor appeared for the first time?

  5. Tu ek film bana jisme shakitman avenger se milta hai or sab evil force ko katam kar deta hai…..haha

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