What is a triggered meme? The meaning and definition of triggered memes

What is the meaning of the triggered memes? We discuss the origin, meaning and definition of the term “triggered” which has recently become a popular meme.

Here on behind the meme we like to clarify and inform about today’s most popular memes and the classic memes of yesterday. We research a meme and present the information through video form here on our youtube channel. Today we talk about the triggered meme. We discuss it’s definition and meaning so you can understand the concept of it the next time you see it.

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29 thoughts on “What is a triggered meme? The meaning and definition of triggered memes

  1. Like the 2020 Canada Nova scotia shooting killed around 20 people including 1 officer.
    later the police arrested someone dressed as a stormtrooper to attract costumers ended getting arrested. The police got triggered over a fake gun

  2. The term triggered has first been seen in online feminist message boards in the 90’s to describe occasions of sexual assault to warn others that they might find their post disturbing. The term eventually began to be seen across the internet and websites over the years, in return treating many basic article websites and every minor thing they talked about as one would an inpatient hospital. Many people began to claim that these people were becoming too politically correct and that the word lost its meaning. The first known article expressing the concerns of many was one back in 2010 by Susannah Breslin.

  3. What a bunch of boloni

    He didnt say that the triggered imagem is from source engine( the triggers that trigger an even in game)


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