Trying out the GTA5 Natural Vision Evolved mod/My thoughts

In this video I try out the Natural vision evolved mod with maximum settings and presets and give my personal thoughts/opinions and experiences with the mod.

Link to the video which in turn leads to the mod can be found here!

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47 thoughts on “Trying out the GTA5 Natural Vision Evolved mod/My thoughts

  1. SKYBOX looks so empty clouds, no stars. Is there anyway to fix that? Other than that I am really enjoying this mod.

  2. ITT (and the video); people not understanding what ray tracing actually means.
    PGR is claiming that because the mod claims to use Ray Tracing technology, that ALL other known ray tracing features MUST be present.
    This mod DOES use ray tracing for it's screen space global illumination, however it is NOT using RTX based/powered ray tracing. We've been able to do screen space ray tracing for quite a while, it's nothing new, however Nvidia was able to accelerate the development of fully independent ray tracing technology with it's RTX cards.
    What's happening in the mod is most likely some form of DirectX powered ray tracing, which is why it can work on any card. (Same as the Ray Tracing minecraft shaders)
    All they are doing for this mod, is probably just grabbing a single path tracing sample per a group of pixels (Nvidia RTX is 1 sample per pixel, and CGI renders can range up to 10s of thousands of samples per pixel), seeing what color the object is, and then just projecting that color onto a surface that the light bounces onto, *within the screen space*.
    That's why traditional "RTX" effects like behind the camera reflections are not present, however that does not mean that what is going on is not Ray Tracing.

    edit: also all the other reflections going on in the game are not dynamic reflections, like PGR is claiming. Things like the cars, buildings windows, water, etc.
    These are all powered either by reflection maps, or reflection probes. I'm not sure how rockstar handles it, but for simplicity sake, lets just say it's a reflection map.

    What you're seeing on the cars, windows, water, etc, are all pre calculated/baked textures.
    For example, if there was a house at the Vinewood sign that you could see the Los Santos buildings in the houses windows reflection, and had the ability to destroy and remove the entire city of Los Santos, you would still see the buildings in the reflection because they are pre applied. They do not actually reflect anything dynamically (unless they have screen space reflections), and that is why you cannot see your own reflection

  3. him: you might get motion sick playing with 20-40 framrate on this insane gta 5 graphics. Me: I used to play league of legends at 15 fps xD

  4. This guy really doesn’t know how to use his own graphic card to have such low fps with a 2080 rtx haha. Dude learn how to configure that first cause you are really full of bs. I have used the mod at maximum settings with just an rtx 2070 súper and had no less than 70fps+. Go fix your pc first and learn how to properly configure your game at max settings.

  5. Damn, those Ti fans are beast. You could fit such a nice custom cooling loop in that box, would look sweet 🙂

  6. Cant handle the ray tracing without a massive overhaul to the engine? Uh reshade installs to almost any game in a few minutes and has ray traced global illumination. And I didnt really get point the blender explanation since the mod never claimed to have any sort of raytraced reflections just global illumination like PTGI.

  7. I can say that after having used this mod myself for a bit on a mid range pc (1060 6gb, ryzen 5 2600, 8gb ddr4 ram), it doesnt run bad at all, especially since its still in early access. ofc you arent gonna be able to run 4k nor the ultra preset (from my experience the ultra preset is only meant for taking photos or if you have the best of the best pc specs) and it runs with a decently small performance loss, and with absolutely fcking insane graphics, like its at the point where im wondering if we are even using the same mod since my game somehow looks 10x better than yours in a lot of cases (i can send pics if wanted), and also i dont think anyone thought that this mod was gonna give gta raytracting, it wouldnt even be possible. so yeah would i recommend this mod to people, go for it if you feel like its worth it to you, but also keep in mind that its in early access for a reason, it isnt perfect, it doesnt run perfect, it has bugs, you are just gonna have to live with them or wait until the full release

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