The ULTIMATE NASUS Guide – BEST Tips and Tricks | General Overview – Season 10

RTO Shows The Ultimate Nasus Guide In Season 10! Best Tip And Tricks To Carry As Nasus Top! League of Legends Nasus Season 10 Strategy!

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26 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE NASUS Guide – BEST Tips and Tricks | General Overview – Season 10

  1. DOnt understand Why u take 10% CDR runes . Trinity 20% 10from coldstone(armormana) And 10% visage Stone. Its over cup 10% CDR. SOOOOO pref AsRune that Help under tower 2 shots on range minnions

  2. Nasus main here, great video as always RTO. The best tip I could give someone who wants to main Nasus, is to find a Jungler duo, who can play Junglers with early game impact and CCs (Elise etc) and watch your videos on how to freeze the minion waves. Thanks for the great content RTO. Here I leave a link on my guide for Nasus.

  3. darius plays extremely offensive
    nasus safely Q's under tower
    Darius :- " something's wrong i can feel it "

  4. Yeah i also kinda like more going third item frozen heart than going righteous glory… also is it good to take bloodthirster in late game for last item? i mean conqueror and bloodthirster could be unkillable.

  5. Best rune for Nasus is lethal tempo. I used only this champ with only this rune and I always win all game. I'm D3 now. All the rest is fantasy.

  6. Great guide! Any advice on the game settings? I'm concerned if it's good or not the auto-attack option. I find easier to farm (early game especially) but i dunno if I should turn it on as i get max Q and/or mid-late game pushing and team fights, cuz i found quite uncomfortable to spam my right click hoping I'll hit someone with my Q I've already casted 😅

  7. I’m sorry but all of the best Nasus players in the game including Fnatic Bwipo take spellbook grasp is garbage and conqueror is whatever

  8. I think its a great video, really explains everyting. But according to the commnet section people say you missed out on a lot. But still the best champion explenation video ive seen(tbh i have seen around 12 videos).

  9. 8:13 yeah take that item when you''ve been bullied by the jungler (as you should) all laning phase and tell me how you perform when you get kitted by the enemy as you try to get in range . How about Spirit Visage, to get tanky, like you've said you're supposed to, earlier in the video ?

  10. 6:53 it's coup de GRACE you ignorant dipshit, read the ability's title, there's no trick . Coup de "GRAS" means "Fat shot" in french (litterally hitting someone with a piece of fat) whereas "coup de grace" means fatal blow .

  11. 3:03 "if you plan on poking a lot in laning phase" even in coop vs AI : you don't poke early game . Remind me how much HP nasus got early ? Exactly .

  12. 2:33 "excels at taking tower", takes demolish. what if you never get in range of a tower ? what about lane phase ?

  13. 0:56 it's like a pro runner who can't get a head start and gets blinded by his opponents dust for the rest of the race.
    So IF AND ONLY IF he survives early game he gets to carry maybe . Now show me the list of weak toplane champs early game currently played in the meta ?

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