Thai Food With Lisa (BLACKPINK), Elkie (CLC), & Minnie ((G)-IDLE)

The lunch everyone has been waiting for! I hope you guys are all enjoying your weekend and also take care of yourself. Please enjoy the video!

**(Thai, Korean, English Subs)**

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50 thoughts on “Thai Food With Lisa (BLACKPINK), Elkie (CLC), & Minnie ((G)-IDLE)

  1. เเงงงงง พวกพี่อยู่ด้วยกันเเล้วน่ารักมากๆเลยค่ะ อยากเห็นคลิปเต็มที่พวกพี่เจอกันมานานเเล้ว😭😭 พ่อก็หลอกล่อสาวเก่งน้าาา🌚5555555

  2. เอ็นดูมินนี่ความมึนสั่งอาหาร3ภาษาของเทอ555

  3. Enjoying this while I can bc yg might copyright Lisa's voice too, the way it's looking, and we won't even be able to listen to her voice on here let alone see her 😭😭 thank you sorn! 🙏

  4. a lot of lisa stans are overthinking! why don't you just enjoy that lisa is hanging out with her friends? just enjoy! respect sorn and the other girls. stop saying that YG doesn't want sorn to earn profit from lisa. what the hell! show some respect and be humble.

  5. ตะลอนกินกับแทกุกไลน์(เอลกี้คนไทยเนียนๆ) สนุกมากจ้าน้องสร

  6. I know Cube got a lot of hate last year, but it’s hard to deny that their artist have the most freedom. Almost every artist compose their own group songs but also venture out to create other artist songs. Plenty of vlogs and video post of them By Them. Cube groups tend to be really outspoken and (idk about now but) there is still interactions between the male and female. Etc..etc… it’s a lot really.

    I’ve always noticed it but it’s even more noticeable when comparing Lisa’s situation to the other 3 (All 3 under Cube)

    Of course Cube isn’t a holy grail but I still appreciate this portion of it

  7. I really enjoyed the vlog! 💗 The food looked delicious and you guys were really cute and funny. I also liked the editing with the little heads 😂 Please go eat japanese food next! It's a series then ^-^

  8. it's cute how all three of them shower minnie with compliments and motherly scolding, since she's the newsest to the industry~

  9. อยากเห็นหน้าพี่ลิซจังแต่คงติดกฎบริษัทอยากให้แทกุกไลน์มาออกบ่อยๆนะค้า

  10. I could never understand the brain of a multilingual person. Sorn, Minnie and Lisa probably hear Korean, translate it to Thai, then translate what they want to say to Korean and then speak 😳

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