Tabs in Bootstrap – Bootstrap Tutorials for Beginners in Hindi or Urdu – Class 23

Hello Friends, This is Class-23 of Bootstrap Programming Tutorial Series in Urdu/Hindi.

In this class, You will learn about how to design tabs in bootstrap.

To design tabs, we have basic classes like

1- .nav-tabs
2- .nav-pills

I have explained these classes in detail in this video also we have two more child classes for these two classes

1- .nav-stacked
2- .nav-justified


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Please watch till end, you will clearly understand all the concepts of tabs in bootstrap.

You can download bootstrap 4, jQuery and Brackets from here:

Download Bootstrap Link:
Download j-Query Link:
Download Bracket(Editor) Link:

After this course, you will be able to design bootstrap templete as well as bootstrap theme.At first, design free bootstrap templete or free bootstrap theme for your practice.


I made this channel for our students who wants to learn programming languages in Urdu/Hindi from absolute beginning to intermediate and then to advance level.

Bootstrap Tutorials from Beginners to Expert Level:

1- Introduction to Bootstrap

2- How to download and install bootstrap

3- How to create buttons in bootstrap

4- How to create dropdown buttons in bootstrap

5- Grid System in Bootstrap

6- Images in Bootstrap

7- Container, Jumbotron, Well in bootstrap

8- Create Tables in Bootstrap

9- Design Navbar in Bootstrap

10- Design Dropdown Navbar in Bootstrap

11- Forms in Bootstrap

12 – Form Controls in Bootstrap

13- Input Group Classes in Bootstrap

14- Form Validation in Bootstrap

15- Design Professional Login Form in Bootstrrap

16- Rounded Flat Login Form in Bootstrap

17- Search Bar in Navbar in Bootstrap

18- Design Responsive Navbar in Bootstrap

19- Panels in Bootstrap

20- Labels in Badges in Bootstrap

21- Create Modal in Bootstrap

22- List Group in Bootstrap

I have designed this course in the way that even a fresh student (who don’t know about html and css) can easily learn bootstrap(i have cleared all html and css concepts in it).

This bootstrap tutorial series will included almost

* 21 to 23 classes
* 3 classes per week

which means that this bootstrap tutorial series(Urdu/Hindi) will complete in 50 to 60 days.


Also i will upload assignments in our Facebook group. Those students who really wants to learn, must complete all the tasks. I’ll guide you in proper way. If you are facing any problem you can contact me in our group.

Further, i’ll upload Friday or Sunday Bonus Tutorial in our group(it will not uploaded on YouTube). This tutorial will be short video to give some tips. Don’t forget to join our group. There will be alot of awareness, tips, concepts in our group.

After completing this course, i’ll make complete professional website almost 3 to 4 different designs….

Learn step by step from these bootstrap programming tutorials(Urdu/Hindi). Best of Luck.

Background birds sound:
Dawn Chorus By Sean.Townsend

licensed under CC BY 2.0


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  1. Every thing is good. But m different tabs pr click krne pr different php files ko include krana chahta hu, include function use krke. Hr php file m forms, js and sql queries written hongi. Is this possible?

  2. hi would like to get my website to be develope in bootstrap please contact me at ""

  3. Hello brother Class 24 kahan hai? Tabs ka 2nd part? Plz link de den. And I appreciate your efforts, best learning platform How to Pakistan <3

  4. I am a new user, aur mujhe coding bikul samjh nahi ati, but iss video se mera ab dil karta hai k issi channel se coding sekhon, Sir mujhe ap se ek baat pochni he

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