Camille Top Gameplay! League of legends Camille Season 9 gameplay! Nasus counter pick!
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Season 9 Camille runes guide League of Legends
Conqueror – Triumph – Tenacity – Coup de Grace
Time Warp Tonic – Biscuits
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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42 thoughts on “STOP LOSING TO NASUS! 100% MOST UNFAIR STRAT WAY TO COUNTER NASUS TOP! – League of Legends Gameplay

  1. BOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! You guys seem to be liking the counter videos so if you have champs you really want to know how to stomp let me know which ones and i'll get some videos for them! <3

  2. how to counter nasus…. PERFECT GAME WITH PERFECT PEAOPLE ON HIS HIS!!!!!!! side…. ye great counter vid …. 😉 100% every time perfect team and stupid nasus player 100% gj … nice explain …. MABY NEXT TIME DO MAKE FUCKING 2 VID !!! WITH GREAT GAME AND BAD ONE ! TO ACTUALY SHOW SOMETHING

  3. So basically you have to be high elo and hope your jungler will understand you need assistance, meanwhile hoping to have a botlane that doesn't lose 2v2 or 2v3 while your jungler is helping your lane, and a champion that can cheese him pre-6 to get a freeze.

    Doesn't sound easy AT ALL
    Oh, and also hope that he doesn't play TP.

    But anyway he will still be able to 3 shot your turrets past 25-30 minutes and shred your base in pieces if you're not able to actually close the game in time, gotcha.

  4. I won't lie sometimes your bitching can get a bit much. Really appreciate what I learn from you but it gets a bit unpleasant. But really appreciate you as a youtuber!

  5. Day 60: Sorry I was gone for a couple weeks and now need to catch up.
    Day: 60

    Cannons @ 15: 8

    CS @15: 103 /171

    Solo lane cannon fails post 15: 0

    Total cannons missed today: 1

    Cannons missed: 167

    % cannons missed @ 15: 26.63%

    Failed cannons today: 0

    Failed cannons: 66

    Missed Cannons:
    TP 2 for 0 play

  6. In all fairness man that nasus had no business in that Elo. Nice freezing though definitely all you need to do to beat a nasus

  7. uncoordination is also why split pushers are bad. adcs want to hit 6 minions recall hit 6 minions recall hit 6 minions recall.

  8. Can i just point out that in the description, the rune stated is conqueror but i fact youre actually using grasp

  9. you know you can flash the second E part to extend the stun range.. never saw you do it although many opportunities presented itself

  10. hey mike! if you're enjoying playing Camille, I suggest flashing at the end of your e. there were a couple times there at the beginning where if you flashed to stun you def would have killed him. i'm sure you probably know this, but coming from a Camille main, that's what I see. 🙂

  11. Where do you come up with your playlist for each day? is it based on PBE, or another site, or is it user request?

  12. 11:22 can anyone tell me what key is he talking about and how i can set up my keyboard to do the same?

  13. Hey Mike!! Very thanks for that Camille action over here! 😀
    I asked you for that last week and here we go! Again, thanks thanks thanks! 😉

  14. If you didn’t put counter all over Nasus’s abilities in the thumbnail

    I would have been highly disappointed BOOM

  15. 13:14 "The rest of my team is pretty far ahead…" During the majority of your videos, that's the norm.

  16. @solorenektononly at your turret death u also have to add a few secs for regen so u effectively lost like 5 seconds 😀 positive thinking

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