Play NDS games on your iPhone, iPad or iPod! *NDS4iOS iOS 13*

Playing classic Nintendo DS games has never been easier with iNDS the updated version of nds4ios on iOS 13! Relive your childhood on your iPhone, iPad or iPod without a jailbreak or a computer! Leave a Like if this video helped you 👍🏼 Thanks for watching!

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31 thoughts on “Play NDS games on your iPhone, iPad or iPod! *NDS4iOS iOS 13*

  1. im using nds4ios, and it when i cilck the share button, and then click on more, theres no option to copy to nds4ios.

  2. Guys I know a way to get iNDS even if it’s revoked and I’m not a bot btw lol. So basically install iNDS but when after it says waiting then it shows that circle loading bar pause it. Then go to settings and go to safari the scroll down and press clear history and website data (WARNING: this will delete all ur tabs and stuff so do this at ur own risk) After that let the download carry on unti it says from loading/waiting/downloading to installing when it says that ten quickly go to airplane mode and switch ur WiFi off. It should install. Trust the App certificate with WiFi switched on then it should work. If it crashes then wait 5-10 minutes then open the app. It should says need to verify then what u need to do is go to settings switch on airplane mode and clear Safari website data and history. If it says Unable to verify even after u trust the app do the step I just said. From time to time it will say unable to verify but just keep on doing the step switching airplane then deleting website data it can be annoying but let’s be honest it’s better than losing all ur game data. Also, I recommend installing a new browser as u will need to delete safari data. Thanks for reading and if this helps Like it so other people can see. Reply if u have any problems I’ll comment back quickly.

  3. hi could someone help me????

    alright so inds really lags on iphone 6s and nds4ios doesnt work (doesnt show my games when i share) and i even tried the beta of delta and it was very laggy so what do i do to play nds games on my iphone 6s at full speed?

  4. It says it’s singed but every time I try to go on it it knocks me off. Does anyone know how to fix this.

  5. iNDS.. more like i’d rather just get an Android.

    also in if the revoked thing is checked, does that mean it’s revoked or not and if the revoked thing is an X, does that mean it’s not revoked yet and you can download it?

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