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This is the all-new Mercedes CLS. Looking for something a bit more practical than the E-Class coupé but a little less boring than the E-Class saloon? Then the new CLS is right up your street! Watch my latest in-depth review to find out everything you need to know about the new CLS!

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47 thoughts on “New Mercedes CLS 2019 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

  1. The only thing I like about the new CLS is the rear looks. It's an impractical and cramped claustrophobic waste of metal. Mercedes could've done better.

  2. I really like this car. In my perspective it’s better than the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

  3. the uglies merc probably ever! look how much off they have gone from last gen CLS which was truely a tiger to this hideous looking thing

  4. The only available, locally assembled models in my country are the 300D AMG Premium 2-litre diesel, and the AMG CLS53, The diesel has no air suspension, and cost close to double UK prices due to local excise tax. The car is much bigger than I expected, it's longer than an E class.

  5. Will Mercedes ever center the driving position with the steering wheel instead of being off-set in all their vehicles?

  6. I like the car but that wheel that is not in the middle is just thw worst. I drove a 2006 mustang for a week that had the same thing and it was just horrible.

  7. He said he's average height "179cm"
    mate that's not average at all. 🤦🏻‍♂️
    It's actually 175cm in the UK, so that sloping roof is perfect for average height people.

  8. I think the narrator is full of shit to find annoying stuffs on the car….obviously he not German…Germany makes the best cars in the world!!!

  9. Why tf does this car exist? It has no place in Mercedes lineup. It doesn’t do anything new or different. Oooo they flipped the grille!!! It’s meaningless.

  10. it looks like a shark on wheels, the whole exterior looks hideous compared to the previous version

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