New Max Scaling Nasus Top Gameplay! League of legends Nasus Season 10 gameplay!
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Season 10 Nasus runes guide League of Legends
Comet – Manaflow – Transcendence – Gathering Storm
Time Warp Tonic – Biscuits
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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38 thoughts on “NEW BREAK THE META MAX SCALING NASUS IS 100% TOO STUPID! League of Legends Gameplay

  1. BOOOOM WHAT UP! Sorry the video was a bit late today Riot's servers were down for my entire normal stream block.
    If you have been missing my 3rd channel check it out here:
    Also there is a Dark Void Mordekaiser Skin giveaway happening on my twitter: GOOD LUCK!

  2. I wake up get my coffee and done my breakfast. I have 30 min's to watch some video before work, and for my suprise Mike is handsom today. Mike you cute little bastard xD.

  3. Im late for the party, but must say, at the end of the video when you got deleted, it was because, of all the true damage 1/3 of your health + bork from sett, and do not forget, the heal cutter from senna ( which has lethality build plus mortal reminder(heal cutter plus armour pen), and the dominoes from cait, so u got deleted cause their team built well

  4. Why is set still able to run at people under tower and just w and walk out for free I straight up won a 1v5 game earlier today he isn't balanced at all IMO

  5. on nasus you always get the spirite visage over abyysal mask because the spirite visage works with your pasiv and heals you midfights

  6. Bro, you upload the most cringe silver-elo play these days. You went 0/0/2 in lane and then ran a bad tele bot-side. Its a pretty blatant mistake. On top of that, you run troll builds.
    When you upload these videos to Youtube, you're screaming "my audience is bronze players or people who dont play league."

  7. I love Nasus, Malphite, Ezreal. You can build almost anything on those champs and it will be atleast viable

  8. If u want fun Taric builds to test out top lane hit me up. Protobelt 4th is god awful. Second or Dont get it. Hourglass is optional.

  9. Hey sro for the next vid why dont you try

    Frozen heart
    Merc treads
    Spirit visage
    Deaths dance
    Iron elixer

  10. But am I the only one who thought he was waaay to safe at the start. He was talking about bad trades but they weren’t trades more like free damage when sett wanted too. I feel like 1 w would have made all those trades null and void just from the attack speed slow.

  11. Most of the time it's better to assume perfect play from enemies, and trash play from your team, because it means that you're pleasantly surprised when either rule fails. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

  12. First of all, I love your content SRO. That said, 1:00 of the video I feel it neccessary to point out to so very many of you that you shouldn't attempt this build! His opening statement translates to: "Because I am skilled enough to understand what I am attempting to do, and experienced enough to account for my matchup, I am CHOOSING to play from a disadvantage from the jump!"

    So many of these video that I watch, and then read the comments, make me feel like you completely disregard his super skilled/tactical openings due to the "murder bonner" that you have while watching his closes.

  13. I think Nasus Q still stacks on minions killed with ravenous hydra and frosty gauntlet – pro play!

  14. 29:50 DoT AoE abilities were originally classified under one or the other, but now they are classified as DoT AoE. They do not proc spell shields due to the minimal damage blocked plus large area it hits.

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