New Atlas Copco air compressor #1982

Since I gave my old, trusty air compressor to Ben it was time to go buy new one…

Knowing ISL Industrial, the Teng Tools agent for NZ, also sell a wide range of the Atlas Copco air compressors it was a ‘no brainer’ to go see Brandon & twist his arm!

Lucky for me he had a freight damaged unit that could be heavily discounted, plus it helped him solve a problem by clearing the unit from stock….a win – win for us both 🙂

So….we bast take a look and see just what needs replacing…

Andy Mechanic

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49 thoughts on “New Atlas Copco air compressor #1982

  1. the black pipe actually goes to the unloader valve in the switch which releases pressure from the feed pipe so that the pump isnt under full load when it first starts. the switch senses the pressure directly from the tank through the main outlet it is connected to.

  2. The smaller part of the broken off non return valve is rubbish, what you want is a simple one way valve that the shut off sensor screws straight into where yours is currently snapped off. Heaps on ebay, bloody cheap.

  3. Type in air compressor check valve input into eBay you’ll need to know the size of your fitting.

  4. that valve not worth 40 dollars let alone 200.
    all compressor tanks have similar concept and many will be same threads etc.
    That part not exactly junk, easy fix either drilling/threading and using double male joiner (and thread sealant) or soldering joiner pipe into bore of parts .
    couple dollars and couple hours could have that repaired and working .
    Don't buy cheap chinese valves as normally valve materials not last or stay sealed with compressed air temps that potentially around 150degC .

  5. the small vale is an unloader value which bleeds off some air as the compressor starts then closes . the large on is a non return value which you already know . try a  shop that sell compressor . the parts are not that expensive . well last tine I bought them

  6. C'mon mate. Just pull the valve apart and braze the two back together.

    If that's too dodgy, it's just a check valve. Any old check valve will do.

    You're making a mountain out of a mole hill, you usually do better than this.

  7. Brass male check valve there like about 15 pounds from eBay UK as some parts come from that dreaded place china

  8. I watch your channel from the UK but I wasn't sure if someone would send you the part before I did because probably more chance getting the part from UK and probably also cheaper too

    could not find the brass tee on trademe.
    Also can't confirm thread size / pitch / type.

  10. my little air compressor has the same do hicky so check ur old little 1
    how ur daughter doing has she needed a push up any hills yet lol

  11. Is This what you need? Link>>>

  12. Might either of these work?

  13. you should be able to drill and tap the holes then get a threaded tube to join them back together

  14. You don't really have to have that other peace that was on the small line you can put it in the pressure peace

  15. The smaller of the two components I suspect is the safety valve to prevent over pressurising the tank should the cut out fail.
    With regards the repairs, I would be tempted to try and braze the two parts back together before spending anywhere near the prices you were quoted. 👍

  16. Andy

    Have a look here

    Or here

  17. You can pick up a generic replacement on e-bay, not to the end yet if you said the exact size but here's an example:

    $8… just search 'air compressor non return valve'.

    The other valve is I believe the overpressure safety valve, just tee a generic one in somewhere.

  18. Powermate Vx 031-0095RP 90-Degree Left Check Valve, 1/2-Inch

    I don't know if your thread is metric or pipe thread. but that looks like the part for about $7

  19. Looks like an easy part to make out of scrap fittings. I don't think I'd put too much effort into finding one… if one is available easily, go for it but otherwise just gather up some generic pipe fittings and cobble it together. Simple manifold with 3 threaded ports and then use whatever reducers / adapters you need. EZPZ Edit: And a check ball valve as well or course.

  20. Oh and that little tip in the tee is another safety. That pops up for the first few psi until the compressor is running full speed to ease the operation and not over stress the motor

  21. That's a tank fill and a pressure relief line for the compressor to bleed off any pressure from the head to ease the starting of the motor.. Just buy a little nipple. Brass preferably. Drill and tap the busted one and pipe dope in the nipple fter you pipe dope it into the pressure tank..
    Remember, the aluminum line brings compressed air into the tank. When it reaches set point pressure in the switch the switch will cut off the motor. At this point, without that valve there's pressure to the head from that aluminum line. That plastic black line should go back to the switch where there's a needle valve that's tripped to empty the head pressure. That's the Pisthiss you hear when she cuts off.. All you need is a 25 cent nipple and some pipe dope and you obviously have drills and taps.. Have at it.. But remember to clean up everything before assembly,, you don't want shavings in the tools or whatever you use it on lol

  22. The blender allows to bleed the air from the high pressure side of the compressor so the restart are soft starting, that part is on so many compressors but what you need it the tank thread and all the other thread sizes, the part depending on the size is from $5.00 to $100.00 and can be found easy in Australia and some of the suppliers have NZ places too, here in Aust Gasweld or even BOC tho they like to mark up the price a touch, even total tools can help.

    And yes its a common part and on many makes and models but the thread sizers it what will be needed, the parts are so easy to get and depending on the pressure switch you also my not need the extra small valve, just connect the black pipe to the "non return value"

  23. That valving system is, as correctly stated, contols vessel pressure through electropneumatic switching. The position of the one way control valve, whilst not important, is placed in areas where damage is guaranteed to occur thru impact. As we regularly mount diesel powered compressors in surface maintenance vehicles, we have become innovated in solving this issue, the most successful is remote mounting the valve in an sheltered area, and our pneumatic/hydraulic engineers fabricate low profile 90° outlet fittings with high pressure braided hose. This gives us flexibility that was originally missing and better stronger fittings far less prone to breakage. This is great for our situation but maybe not yours. My advice would be discussions with an independent hydraulic/pneumatic specialist, as they have a huge inventory of specialized products, and should have the knowledge to assist. I can personally recommend Hydraulink, they having rebuilt the air end of a 650 cfm air compressor for the mechanical engineering workshop I supervise. This failure was classified as a 'showstopper' and, utilising parts from their catalogue, as the compressor supplier, like your suituation, couldnt supply parts, completed, and recommisioned, within 48 hours. Just a suggestion Andy. 👍👍 Greeting from Woomera, South Australia.

  24. Looks like the big part is a non return valve and the smaller part a safety valve. Did a Google search in the UK and found this site looks like they are generic parts.

  25. Andy A good way to get the check valve to use a pipe coupling  and thread the long piece in the coupling it works great

  26. so atlas are asking 200 quid near on your solution is abut near on 30 quid new place looks good and thankfully you can get rid of the dividing wall and open plan it n1

  27. I would remove the valve take out the valve components (in mine its rubber) and braze the two together the clean up and reassemble. I did source one on ebay a few years ago for a clarke machine. Just looked at Machine Mart and they stock the valves. three sizes to choose from.

  28. This looks like it may be the same thing. If it is the price you were quoted is ridiculous. This is $12.99 Canadian. Hopefully you can find something similar in your neck of the woods, good luck!;jsessionid=eSsVmjl47DV1dFGxiDPMnj3O.pal-prod-com1

    called what ever the identifying thread that your replacing say
    1/2 Non Return Valve 20mm non return valve you may find the replacement part this way

  30. Having no idea at all, I feel fully qualified to comment … wouldn't the other dead compressor have the same fitting that could be adapted? If a bloke called John was able to build a v-twin world beater motorcycle in his kitchen I think you can find an answer close to home. Love your stuff mate!!

  31. I reckon that second piece may be a pressure relief valve to bleed off pressure from the tank if it gets too high for any reason

  32. Altlas Copco is a Swedish company.
    There is a dinosaur called a Atlascopcosaurus. Atlas Copco donated equipment to excavate the fossil in Australia and were rewarded by having the species named after them.

  33. Curious to see how the steelwork is going to look? I would say that 1 steel across the whole length of the garage is too much span and would say that there will be a post in the centre, is that right?

  34. The composer non return valve is about 30 quid off ebay there are all standered sizes. Think I even have a body for one in the shed. It dose not matter about the t piece on the bottom as long as the line to the stop valve is connected

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