Need for Speed Underground PC Free Download! [1080P]

New video! Need for Speed Underground PC Free Download! This is compatible for all Windows! If it doesn’t work try running in compatibility mode. If you get an “Insert Disk” pop up you need a disk drive or get a virtual one. There is no img to be mounted. Thank you so much for 750 subscribers! #RoadTo5KSubs

Link (download the game from here):


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23 thoughts on “Need for Speed Underground PC Free Download! [1080P]


    If you get one of these errors make sure you have a physical or virtual disk drive. I recommend using Daemon Tools Lite which is free to make a virtual disk drive. Then you can start the game.

    My official discord server:

  2. Still works in 2020! It runs smooth and looks good at max graphics w/ mods. (Mods I use is the Widescreen Fix and HD Reflections!)

  3. Everytime I start the game it gives me a black screen followed by going back to desktop but unable to close it or do anything. I had to use Task Manager to close it.
    Edit: I was to dumb to realise that you had to wait for like 5 seconds and the game starts so if you have problems try that.

  4. Has anyone had the movies in Russian but everything else in English? I could've sworn I clicked English for both. Is there a way to change the language without reinstalling?

  5. "An error occured while unpacking; archive corrupted!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -7
    ERROR: archive data is corrupted (decompression fails)"
    Please help

  6. Is it full game? or Cutscenes are removed because I had tried to download this game before from various sites but I always end up in getting a modified version of the game having Cutscenes removed to decrease its initial size.

  7. For anyone curious this still works as of 3/19/2020 just pay attention and follow his directions slowly if you have any questions feel free to join his discord and ask questions and he'll get back to you as soon as he can. He was very helpful and now I get to enjoy Fast and Furious simulator lol

  8. Thank you so much my dude, i've played Underground 2 for most of my life and i've never played Underground 1 before, Arigato

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