Navigation Drawer with Fragments Part 1 – MENU AND ACTIVITY THEME – Android Studio Tutorial

In this little video series we are going to build a navigation drawer from scratch. When we click any of the menu items in our navigation drawer, we will switch between different fragments or trigger another action.

In part 1 we will add the dependency for the design support library and create the vector icons, as well as the menu xml file with a menu group and multiple menu items, which each have an id, a title and an icon set to them. We will also prepare our activity theme by removing the action bar with the windowActionBar and windowNoTitle attributes, so we can later add a toolbar instead.

Watch the whole playlist:

Example code + dependency:

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38 thoughts on “Navigation Drawer with Fragments Part 1 – MENU AND ACTIVITY THEME – Android Studio Tutorial

  1. At 1:05, I don't have or any version of that in mine. How should I add the design dependency?

  2. implementation '' I have tried it on May 2020
    This line works properly even if you do not see you menu on preview
    I could see my navmenu only on activity.xml

  3. that dependency is depreciated here is the new one:
    implementation "androidx.drawerlayout:drawerlayout:1.0.0"
    implementation ""

  4. It says i cant use because I'm using android q instead of x is there a workaround for this?

  5. Dude. I love your channel. It is the BEST!!!!!!! . The way you explain is TOOO Tight. Seriously. I dont need to be distracted by any other. Dude. I hope we can make topical requests.

  6. super helpful in showing how everything works together. WAyyyyyyy more helpful than my college professor lol. much appreciated!!

  7. :I cant do this project. At 1:07 in video, my dependences says androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.1.0
    and I cant change it, If I do it wont sync

  8. why dont you ever use kotlin. i understand if its your personal preference to use java but come on. its 2020

  9. Hi, at 8:15 >>xmlns:tools=""
    tools:showIn="navigation_view"<< this doesn't work for me the preview turns grey. How should I change it?

  10. tools:showIn="navigation_view" is not working for me. all disappears when i do this. please help me

  11. When i'm adding the tools:showIn="navigation_view"> the preview doesn't appearing what will i do?

  12. Hi, Is there a way i can create a app to update the content in the app, i want to crate a app were i can keep updating the youtube links to stream videos.

  13. Hey Actually i have created one registration fragment and done something coding but when I used to choose on button for selection of images from gallery it isn't working can you tell me why and how do I need to call registration fragment in main activity Plz sir

  14. Man I dont know where grow such a magnificent people like you. I am interested in your personality

  15. I'm getting error during syncing saying unable to resolve dependency for design:28.0.0. what's the actual problem and solution for that?

  16. Whenever I run the app the menu does not show. The only thing that shows for me is "Hello world" text. I've set the android theme, no changes.. Where and how do I change the code so that the drawer_menu is actually in the ContentView? It now refers to activity_main.xml from the layout folder (in Res), but I'm unsuccessful at changing that..

  17. Can anyone help me with this question?

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