Nasus Top vs Vayne – BR Challenger Patch 10.9

#Nasus Top played by guzhenren, #BRChallenger 926 LP
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More information:
– Runes: 00:15 (Unsealed Spellbook)
– Damage dealt: 29:56
– Ability: 30:01
– Build: 30:06
– Skin: Worldbreaker Nasus
– OP.GG:
OP.GG link maybe not working because summoner name has changed!

More replays:
– Nasus:
– Top:
– BR Challenger:

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14 thoughts on “Nasus Top vs Vayne – BR Challenger Patch 10.9

  1. É por isso que eu não gosto de adcs no top, no final eles sempre precisam de um suporte pra desfazer as merdas que eles fazem

  2. top lane carrys against nasus always useless if jungle camp top nasus can 1v5 in late game and vayne must take exhaust against nasus

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