MOONLIGHT BLADE: Is it Coming to NA/EU in 2020?

⌖ MOONLIGHT BLADE: Is it Coming to NA/EU in 2020?
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⌖ Back in January 2017 I did my very first video on Moonlight Blade where I went on to discuss the North American and European release announcement of the game by Nexon.
Today, I want to follow up on that announcement by talking about where the game is currently and if we can expect any kind of release outside of Asia going into the future.

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26 thoughts on “MOONLIGHT BLADE: Is it Coming to NA/EU in 2020?

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  2. If it doesn't arrive before Justice it is DOA, Nexon should rush launch it, even with bad translation's it would still give them income and has plenty of content until Justice comes to the west.

  3. There are the reason why it takes so long to launch NA:1. It's a Wuxia novel based Game, unlike other mmorpg games, it has a very solid and impressive storyline. This makes the translation pretty hard, many ancient Chinese sentences are too meaningful to translate into English. For example, the Chinese name of Moonlight Blade is "天涯明月刀“, actually they only translated "明月(Moonlight)刀(Blade)“ . I guess they don't know how to translate the first 2 words in a suitable manner.. (it actually has a meaning of "the border of the sky") So the complete name should be " Sky border moonlight Blade" LOL Jesus this blade must be very long.
    2. The contents are really too much. I saw someone compare MB with revelation and B&S,I can tell you that MB is definitely better, it is dominant in almost all aspects. Hundreds of delicate costumes and emotes, plenty of dungeons and raids, arena, clan war, and so on. The most impressive pvp event is the territory war(200v200), though I think it can only be hold with full scale in CN.
    3. Adjusting the gameplay style. As you know, many Chinese games are P2W, (In MB, you can fill the gap if u play well in PVP) and this setting ensures the developer with abundant capital.
    But western players prefer F2P, which makes the game less profitable, and I think that's the reason why we can't find a good mmo in NA now. What we played are always the retired games from China and Korea. LOL and now they found mobile games are more profitable.
    All in all, Moonlight Blade is still worth waiting, I guarantee that it will be the best mmorpg ever launched in NA.

  4. i think it wont come to west, because of the guild emblem and league emblem, it will be really weird if the emblem using alphabet cause it will became nonsense and really weird…
    the guild emblem can only use 2 chinese words and league only 1, for example "Demon God" "魔神" in chinese but in western will became "DE" as the emblem..
    and at the high end game most boss dungeon got 1 or 2 chinese words atop their head as player had to use strategy to corresponsive different words, and there also soul type monster which boss summon, literally you must kill 10 soul with each of them carved with chinese word, well imagine that if use english, it will be quite long at the very least 4 alphabet..
    some players might not mind with the weirdness but will nexon dare to bet and release it to the west?

  5. bruh i was soo hyped for this game to come in the west,looked for every piece of info in chinese or any asian language.there is literally no info about a release in the west.
    i lost all hope in a western release.also nexon dont even know what they are doing.

  6. I would have been hyped for this 2 years ago. In 2018 this games would still be pretty well off. Now ? With Blue protocol, PSO2 and some other titles ? Yeah… I would have to lie I am still hyped.
    I did like what the game had to offer, and while not hyped I am if nothing else still interested to try it out…. if it ever makes it to the west in any reasonable amount of time and before I am invested into another MMO by that point.
    A shame really. This game could have been a amazing if it came to the west at that time, and the company could have milked us from our hard earned € and $ while earning a LOT of money, considering the global player base size. Its just weird how these people are so unviling to pick up the money that lying right in front of them, when they already have a working product that just needs the localization and support for the new region.

  7. did you hear MLB will also have a mobile but i dont think it will come global they keep holding it off and im still waiting for more info since i missed the cbt

  8. justice online/sword of legends and moonlight blade…. i would love to see those games in the west but the western market is sht… -.-

  9. I was hyped for this game initially but at this stage, I don't even see the point of releasing it. Kinda sad to think about… but yeah….

  10. I can already see it now. They will finally get it out after so long that no one has interest anymore and then they will use the lack of success as a excuse to not bring other similar games over here.

  11. These Asian MMOs are all the same, has some nice visual but thats it, grindy as hell, pay 2 win and all other shit that comes with it

  12. Moonlight blade felt like it did a BnS so the hype kinda disappeared. Dunno what it's like in china but i'm just hoping it doesn't go p2w

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