LOVE INTERESTS – Terrible Writing Advice

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According to all of the fans I have talked to, the most important part of the story isn’t how the hero will save the world, the protagonist’s journey of self discovery, or the high stakes battle for the fate of the universe itself. Nope. It’s all about which characters will end up in a romantic relationship.

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22 thoughts on “LOVE INTERESTS – Terrible Writing Advice

  1. and of course they have to be at the opposite sex of the protagonist lest we upset the Bible Karens

  2. Huh, my story has better romance than I thought, I did none of these bad ideas. Not only is she central to the plot but is also sort of the source of several of the protagonist's powers, and not in a "power of love" way. While their initial attraction was sudden I took time afterwards to better establish it.

  3. Me, an asexual, in vain attempting to write one (1) character who experiences sexual attraction: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  4. I have no reason or explanation but you saying “Wait a minute” at 3:10 destroys me no matter how many times i watch it

  5. Pairing the spares? UR DOING IT RONG! Didn't you know you're only supposed to have ONE female character?

  6. "Maybe I should put the love interest into a lootbox."
    Oh god no, please no, don't give them ideas.

  7. and don't forget the classic "i don't know how to give these characters actual chemistry, so i'm just going to make up a random plotline about how they're exes (which will never be explored in-depth)"

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