League of Angels III Gameplay Part 1

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32 thoughts on “League of Angels III Gameplay Part 1

  1. Honestly, I stumbled upon one of the ads this game made while I was watching H2ODelirious his new video, Arise – A Simple Story. And later I went searching for the game's gameplay and well, you can't do ADJUSTMENTS and SH*TS. So now I knew the truth and I will be spreading words to my fellow brothers. You guys also should do that, too. 😀

  2. bruh i just came here to see if the ad was true or fake, it is clearly fake, the graphics are horrible, the characters look like paper, the gameplay isn't how it showed on the ad, the ad showed a whole different combat mechanic, NOT A FREAKING TURN RPG REEEEEE

  3. This is another one of those games that when you see the trailer and when you download it it turns out that it was how to say it?

    the typical hoax of the famous video game programmers

  4. hey how the heck do u play this game i found it cool so i tried playing it but everything is so confusing it happens on its own am i even doin anything in the game

  5. damn bro ur playing mobile game on ur computer and its still laggy af can u explain it to me??

    -toxic boii 123

  6. Kept seeing stupid LOA 3 adds. Looked up game in Youtube. Game looks like shit. I figured it was shit, but now seeing it, I KNOW it's shit.

  7. Well i love LOA3 even if its auto quest bcs its not worth to play Tera,guild wars2 and that stuff bcs any MMORPG are dying if u know what i mean

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