Kamen Rider ZI-O Flash Belt .5 [EP.2]

–Update–credit by CometComics

.5: Ohma form, Woz, Bibill, and Geiz Majesty Ridewatches added. Right now Geiz Majesty is still gold, but here ya go. Also made a lot of behind the scenes changes to how the Ziku Driver works for Rider/Armor time announcements.

The flash focus poll was changed to be tiered so whichever flash got the most votes would get the most work done. That’s why ZI-O got attention first. It got the most votes. Well since so many updates have come out for ZI-O I’m going to shift my focus to the flashes that came in second and third for a few updates. Once some updates have been spread around I’ll likely come back to ZI-O. It’ll likely happen before the end of the month. Shoot it’s the fourth and there’s been an update a day on this sucker.

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