Jaguar XKRR v Aston Martin DB7 – BBC

Top Gear pounces into action with a Jaguar-themed video. The XKRR is put through it’s paces and compared to Aston Martin DB7. Brilliant car review video from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and all the Top Gear team.

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20 thoughts on “Jaguar XKRR v Aston Martin DB7 – BBC

  1. Sad to now know that Clarkson and Wilman were/are such cuntholes to the Stigs. I love Top Gear but Clarkson is now CUNTIE #1 of a human being

  2. Personally, I don’t find that aston to be particularly to be as beautiful as most people find it

  3. Now a Jaguar XKR is just an old Jaguar leaking all its fluids. Astons don't get old, they become classics.

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