ISS National Lab x Adidas Ultraboost 20 "Core Black": Review & On-Feet

Foot Locker Canada hooked me up with the latest Ultraboost model, the Ultraboost 20! In collaboration with the International Space Station National Lab, these feature a reworked upper, atop the same chunky Boost midsole from the 19 model but dressed in an iridescent space-themed colour! Check out my in-depth review to learn more about these from a casual / lifestyle standpoint!


Music: DJ Grumble – Ocean Andre-JB


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38 thoughts on “ISS National Lab x Adidas Ultraboost 20 "Core Black": Review & On-Feet

  1. I saw them in person and tried on. God i miss that feeling. Switching from React 87. Adidas feels like heaven. And purple is so good i love it.

  2. Hello there Sean! Hope you are doing well. I would like to ask for your suggestion regarding the sizing of the UB 20. I am size 10 in UB 4.0 but in Pulseboost HD I am size 9.5 What size of the UB 20 would you suggest I order?? I used to check the shoe sizes in the stores but because of the lockdown here in my area I cannot. so I ask for your recomendation/suggestions before I place my order. Please !!!

  3. Thanks for mentioning your size comparisons from the 1.0s to the 19s. I own a pair of the 3.0s and I'm planning to get these exact shoes online but I can't try one on to be sure of my size because of the quarantine 😅🇵🇭

  4. Def. Get a higher size they are snug. I have 30% off for if you want these or any other shoe. Reply for email

  5. This is my favorite exciting releases from 'Adida Ultraboost' because of that
    color. Neon Futuristic Neo-Noir Aesthetic

  6. Length-wise, is the UB 20 more similar to UB 19 or 4.0? I find using my tts in 19 comfortable as i like having roomy toe area, whereas in 4.0 need to go half size up to get the maximum comfort.

    Btw i think we shared the same size, which is true size 10, slightly on a wider side 🙂

  7. Oh they'll look amazing on my feet. Also while running! ^^

    Deep blue and purple..Space…Goodbye gravity in 2020! 😀

    Reeeleaaaaase the dooooooveees!


    Aishite imasu!

    "The waaar is wooon, befooore it's beguun, releaaase the doooves, surrender love! " 😀

    Ooooh he weaaars a Raptor! A raptor is a hunter bird! An eagle and a hawk! A raptor is…Phoenix!

    That's why that raptor is also red!

    Feel my heat!


  8. Just got a pair of the 20s purple/black color way. They are a very good and comfortable shoes to wear. But if it's cold outside, I don't recommend using them because it can be a little bit cold on top of the foot.

  9. I didn‘t like the 19s and didn‘t bother to get a pair. I really like the 20s and this collab is very nice. This one is A
    also my fav colorway and I‘m considering grabbing a pair!
    Great review as usual!

  10. Merry Christmas man! Excellent review as always 👌

    If they release a chalk/pearl colourway in these I might have to give the UB20 a go.

  11. As always, great review! Colour way’s dope, but as it was with the 19, they still don’t look great. The shape is way too sporty and the dramatically diagonal three stripes makes this sneaker look way cheaper than it needs to. Adidas should just throw the UltraBoost in the vault and start re-releasing some 1.0s in limited quantity in a few years to regain some hype.

  12. I got a pair of the white ones with the iridescent three stripes. Love em. May grab a pair of the ones in this vid as well!

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