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On February 13, 2017, a crime shocked the world.

Kim Jong Nam, the oldest brother of the supreme leader and chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim Jong Un, was at the Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia. He was heading to Macau, where he was living at the time.

Security cameras captured two women approaching Kim Jong Nam and touching his face. Their names were Doan Thi Huong from Vietnam and Siti Aisyah from Indonesia.

One of them rubbed what looked like an oily substance on his face, then fled. Minutes later the other came from behind and put her hands on his nose and mouth, and then also ran away.

After the bizarre incident, a distressed Kim Jong Nam sought assistance from the authorities, with security footage capturing him explaining the situation to the police.

About an hour and a half later, the brother of North Korea’s leader collapsed. He died while being transported to the hospital.

The cause of death was attributed to the highly toxic VX nerve agent, thought to have been delivered by the hands of the two women who approached Kim Jong Nam at the airport.

In March 2019, the charges were dropped against Siti Aisyah. Doan Thi Huong received a sentence of three years and four months after striking a deal and pleading guilty to “causing hurt by a dangerous weapon” — a lesser charge compared to murder. Special mitigating circumstances caused Huong to walk free in May 2019.

Many questions remain unresolved about how the crime took place.

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11 thoughts on “Interview with Doan Thi Huong | JAPAN Forward

  1. Có vn đây, her face looks innocent and baby, she can speak many languages more than me but she killed Kim Jong Nam. They trained some girls like this many years for sure

  2. Ta Tu hoi O VN ĐOAN THI HUONG * to chuc nao bao ve cho ĐOAN THI HUONG ?!!! *
    * Toi chi dam noi la tu xua " neu mua thi tren troi mua xuong " chua co LICH SU nao ghi la mua tu duoi dat mua len bao gio RAT THAM THIA cho TINH ĐOI !! *

  3. she is clearly a north korean asset, after she completed her mission she did a victory cheer and left without her yourtube manager and the guy who was filimg. uh huh….

  4. If they really want to make a prank video, where is the video man? The crew? I felt sorry for her. But again, it was a very well planned crime.

  5. All those North Korean agents are dead. You think Kim Jong Un would let them live to later expose the crime?

  6. I remember watching a video about this incident, but they never mentioned 2 women being tricked into killing Kim Jong Nam. I only thought that a poison dart was shot into his neck or something by a North Korean. This was a very surprising video for me.

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