I Actually Read SAO! – Basement Book Club (Sword Art Online Progressive)

SAO Progressive reboots Sword Art Online to follow Kirito and Asuna’s adventures through Aincrad floor by floor. Is that change an improvement? I have some thoughts… and so do a lot of you!
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42 thoughts on “I Actually Read SAO! – Basement Book Club (Sword Art Online Progressive)

  1. This is…an old video, but I would like to point out that Kayaba wanted the game to only have melee because, in light of this being a death game, he didn't want players to be able to win by standing in the back and hiding behind others, or sniping mooks from great range. The fear of death is an essential design component, and allowing ranged combat would have weakened it. At least, that's my read on it.

  2. Trans was a big missed opportunity in SAO, it would have been great to explore the people who made female characters as they would for non full dive MMO's to regret the decision and being unable to re-roll due to being stuck in the game, and the trans people who love being stuck in the game with the bodies they're actually happy with.


    and ya know im not 6 but i think that's p obvious.

  4. "What make the book 1 or 2 dollars, what is very cheap"
    Me, a Brazilian, where 1 dollar became, like, 6 dollars: Are you sure about that?

  5. I'm conflicted. I watched SAO back during the perfect age to enjoy it. I was always more of a singleplayer gamer. I still am. So I even got into the whole loner part of Kirito. Now I see it for what it really is but want to love it. Part of me enjoys making fun of it but another wants it to be as good as I thought it was when I was 15. That's probably why I enjoy the Abridged so much. It's what SAO could have been. Now I'm hearing that the author attempted to do his original arc properly this time. It's the only arc I liked anyway and I stopped watching as soon as Asuna was okay because "waifu must survive." Do I waste the $10 on a light novel I might hate? Do I let the nostalgia guide my actions into reading a more in-depth version of a story that sucks? I don't know. The impression I got from this video was that it's far better than the original version but still isn't very good…

  6. Whenever he said Agil I was like I'm sorry who? I literally had to look up who that was because I think of him as Tiffany now

  7. "Peanut Butter and Jelly" instead of "Peanut butter and Jam"?

    0/10 video, disliked. Whole thing made trash

  8. One thing I do want to mention hearing all this praise about Argo, is that she is more overpowered than Kirito in an unrealistic way. What I am trying to say is that she somehow manages to get all new information that matters no matter how secret it is, like she somehow already managed to create an intelligence network of spies at the start of the game and can be everywhere at once. Add to the fact that she is used to further the plot by giving a specific piece of info to Kirito whenever he needs something new to do.

  9. 46:45 but only 1 in 10.000 people are trans, so its statistically very likely that nothing happens.

  10. a bit before the 14 min mart, he talked about villain's with smarts as their strength, wasn't the guy who dueled kirito a great example of that? using smarts he plays both sides (of the frontlines) and almost kills kirito.

  11. I read SAO about 10 years ago on baka-tsuki, long before most people ever heard of it. Was the first light novel I ever read and it was one of the best ones I've ever laid eyes on. Of course this is the original novel and none of the sequels. Im not too sure what people feel about the rest of the series, but the first book: 10/10. Hands down.

  12. The fact that a SAO story can make you invested enough to want to continue in the future speaks volumes of Reki's improvement. Obviously hia writing still has pitfalls that he can't help but leap into because that's the kind of writer he is, but him actually taking time to flesh out the story of SAO is great. When I first watched SAO when it was new I was massively disappointed by how quickly things flew by and how you didn't really get to see a sense of characters progressing and changing as they play the death game.

    If it weren't for SAO abridged I'd probably have nothing to do with the series. But I am tempted to look into this.

  13. Wait do we really not have another book club session still? Someone coulda had a whole damn baby by now but we cant collectively read a light novel. Damn.

  14. It feels weird to be complimenting a guy who's essentially so incompetent at writing him writing a woman as an actual character is an accomplishment and straight up can not help himself in sexualizing her constantly and doing it in ways that are even out of character. Who literally cant write his main character with any competence and relies entirely on the fact the setting used to be unique. Even by anime standards this is bad. This is someone who is aggressively bad at their job. Why even give them the compliment. Any other writer who was even slightly better than this would have been written off as bad and ignored. His main character is literally an underage author insert who has a harem of multiple other underage girls. This would not be acceptable. Why is it acceptable here

  15. Like all things, SAO has potential.
    I personally would've set it further in the future to complement all the other technological bullshit

  16. Why are there so many kiriplushies in the background? They gives me intense fear, I can see the soulless dolls staring into my being, I feel so threatened right now.

  17. Even if Kirito was not a lorehound, this story is being written from two different perspectives. Asuna's third person perspective would be the perfect opportunity to drop in that detail.

    On the other hand, this is a death game, who really cares about the lore when your main focus is surviving. Characters would only care about lore insofar as it helps them survive.

  18. I loveeee SAO PROGRESSIVE! I’m at vol 9 of the main series (the first volume of alicization) but somehow wanna grab Progresive series to reread instead. 🙁

  19. Argo isn't a new character in Progressive. She actually appears in the orginal Light Novel as early as the second Volume.

  20. Only 6 minutes into the video but I just want to say something. He says all this stuff about Kirito's personality talking about how it's not that good but as a 14 year old I can confirm Kirito's personality sounds exactly like how a 14 year old would act.

  21. There was a part about the beta testers being demonized by certain players with personal agendas which i think is going to be a part of the progressive series.

  22. "There should be bow wielders in SAO."
    As a bow wielder in every MMORPG I've ever played, I 100% second this.

    If not bows and arrows (for… reasons?) then at the very least spears, slings (which have been around *forever*), sling shots, etc should exist.

    It always bugged me that SAO went the utterly bizarre route of "ranged weapons = magic" and… it… doesn't? Didn't? Never did. I mean, hell Kirito managed to demonstrate to Kline that you can hurt a monster with a goddamned stone so… ranged weapons clearly should exist but I think Kawahara just wanted neat sword fights and to write about that instead of… actually planning how to run a Boss Raid.

    Man, maybe it's because I'm a writer who has also sunk tons of time into vidya games, but it's so painfully obvious that Reki doesn't, and didn't know how games work. And stuff like forums for WoW existed when he was writing the first LN, and I can promise you not everyone used magic all the time across all MMORPGs that he was lacking for how to write a Raid.

    Late comment is late. I know.

  23. Come on guys, Mother's Basement LOVES the idea, LOVES the premise, especially the trapped in a death game (differently from Log Horizon). It's the idea that caught all of us and still makes SAO famous. He just likes it so much but is so disappointed by the actual EXECUTION of the idea, as much of us are, that he can't let go. I fell you brother.

  24. lol, Argo is in the Fatal Bullet game
    she has been stripped of personality and well…
    Llenn and Co. are still the most interesting characters
    Also, you see so many dead ppl from the stories

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