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Android Wear continues to be a very interesting breed of smartwatches. Some companies choose to go fancy, and others choose to go sport. It’s really very hard to find one watch that fits both criteria, something kind of odd considering that the most popular smartwatch in the world is designed to be both. The Huawei Watch 2 disappointed some for being mostly a sport watch given the elegance of its predecessor, so for those looking to a more fancy offering, it’s time to see more. It’s time for our review of the Huawei Watch 2 Classic.

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Huawei Watch 2 Classic Review! | Pocketnow



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23 thoughts on “Huawei Watch 2 Classic Review! | Pocketnow

  1. Do these work watches well with an Iphone. I am a watch guy. What attracts me to the Huawei watch is simple. They are Beautiful looking time pieces. Apple watches are not Pretty. They look like a smart watch. However Huawei's watches in my humble opinion. Satisfy the better of two worlds. you have the smart capabilities and you can be pleased to wear such a beautiful looking time piece.
    In short I want one. But I am IOS not android

  2. can you tell me what is the metal strap you use?
    the color looks really suited to the watch
    would you have a link to buy it?

  3. Huawei Watch 1 still looks elegant till this day a very fashionable timepiece. Still trying to get my hands on one.

  4. I've owned this watch for a year and still don't understand why it seems to mostly default to answering or making phone calls from the phone even when set up to go through the watch don't know why this watch is so frustrating my gear s3 just works other than the phone call issue I do like this watch just don't know why it hates phone calls does anyone know what the problem could be thanks???

  5. The new design looks so much worse than the original, especially the original with the Milanese band. Also ditching the sapphire display is really bad. I have had the original since day 1. The casing has a couple of scratches but the coating is pretty strong and scratches hard to see. The display and the band looks pretty much brand new; it's kind of amazing. The screen also goes all the way to the tiny metal bezel… Even in 2019 this is a great, elegant design.

  6. Best looking watch is moto360 then Huawei w1 all others are toys,. Android Wear 1 for me is a better looking UI, it is a shame the android wear is downgrading in hardware and software quality. In the other side apple watch is getting better.

  7. I love that band but can not find it on Amazon. Do you have a link to that watch band on Amazon or elsewhere?

  8. More info here:

  9. May I ask?
    if it is connected to iphone then apart far and closer again do I need to re-sync gain connection? or auto connect between iphone and smartwatch?
    please answer

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