How To Use The Edison – FL Studio Tutorial

In this tutorial I take a deep look at the Edison plugin in FL Studio. Scroll down for timestamps of each feature covered and the shortcuts.

This is a fantastic tool for recording and editing audio.
In this video I cover:

– Loading and customizing the plugin

3:10 – Recording Audio / Loading samples
5:40 – Loop recording
6:55 – Sending Audio from Edison to playlist
8:00 – Recording internal sound from Fl Studio
8:45 – Display modes
12:55 – Normalizing audio – Ctrl + N
14:30 – Adding fades and de clicking
16:10 – Removing Noise From Audio (link below)
16:30 – Reversing Audio
17:20 – Adding reverb to samples
19:40 – How to EQ using Edison
20:10 – Volume/Pan/Stereo Envelopes
22:10 – Blur Tool (Really Special Effect!)

Full de noising tutorial –
Full recording tutorial –
Blur Tool Tutorial –

Shortcuts used –

Ctrl + e = Load Edison
Ctrl + a = Select all
Ctrl + z = undo
Delete = Delete selection
Ctrl + Del = Delete everything outside the selection
Shift + c = Send audio to playlist
Ctrl + n = Normalize audio
Alt + n = Set threshold
Alt + left key = Reverse
Left/right keys = Change selection

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23 thoughts on “How To Use The Edison – FL Studio Tutorial

  1. In this video I continue to add to my previous Edison recording video by taking a closer look at the features of this amazing plugin.
    I particularly like the blur tool and the denoise tool.
    Check out the timestamps in the description for more details.
    I've got some big news coming up soon that I can't wait to share.
    New videos every Saturday as usual 🙂


  2. Hello everyone, When I record in the playlist and when I play back the recording, it is all in time, but in the Edison when I play back the recording it's not in time , how to fix this, please help .. thanks..

  3. Edison is cool. FL studio have thought about all of the recording activity that 
    wastes time or eats into our creativity. With this tool, we get more chances to 
    try stuff without a huge commitment. There’s nothing worse than setting loads of
    gear up to try something new and it doesn’t work. It’s not really the time, it’s the 
    energy and excitement that’s suddenly sucked out of the room! Cheeers.

  4. When do you recommend that we use the Edison's editing effects vs. dropping it in the playlist and adding effects in the mixer tracks? In this video, seems like you recommend that we prototype sound designs using the Edison's effects, but then drop the audio in and really crystallize the design with the mixer tracks?

  5. Well… looks like I'm putting my push 2, maschine and mpc into the closet. Had no idea FL was so dope, why does everyone hate on it?

  6. Why is my track getting recorded too while I am trying to record my voice in edison? Btw I am using a BM-800 along with a phantom power.

  7. How do i record the audio from the playlist directly to edison? nevermind, i put edison on the master channel and it worked

  8. Literally its angering me, every youtuber shows this shit, but doesn't show how to fix if Edison is picking vocals and the instrumental up at the same time. Thanks alot.

  9. I wanna hear the end of a loop but it just thinks im tryna adjust the loop how to simply select were i want to hear without it re-adjusting

  10. Didn't know how good Edison was before. I used to record directly into the Playlist, but no more!

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