How to Repair Bad Sectors in Windows 10? (2 Ways Included)

A bad sector is a sector on the hard drive or flash drive which is inaccessible or un-writable. It is usually because of the physical damage to the disk surface or the malfunction of the flash transistors. In addition to the quality problems of the hard drive or flash drive itself, natural aging and the non-standard use can also cause damage to the hard disk or flash drive. If a hard drive has bad sectors, you may not access the data on it. What’s more, the data on the hard disk may be lost.

Method 1. Remove bad sectors from hard disk via CMD (start from 00:00:44)
Method 2. Repair bad sectors via AOMEI Partition Assistant (start from 00:01:59)

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7 thoughts on “How to Repair Bad Sectors in Windows 10? (2 Ways Included)

  1. HI Not working says (File and folder verification is complete.

    Windows is verifying free space…

    0 percent complete. (0 of 15260584 free clusters processed) And it stops there WHY?? I was very happy to see your solution but ……… IF YOU HAVE AN ANSWER i WILL BE HAPPY TO RECEIVE IT. Regards from sunny Greece.

  2. The two first choices of partition check are disabled! I think theses options are not available for free version 🙁

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