How to Play NASUS TOP for Beginners | NASUS Guide Season 10 | League of Legends

How to Play NASUS TOP for Beginners | NASUS Guide Season 10 | League of Legends is focused on playing Nasus and the purpose of this video is to explain the essentials of how to play Nasus and why he is a great Top laner to play, if you are new in the Top role. Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe!
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28 thoughts on “How to Play NASUS TOP for Beginners | NASUS Guide Season 10 | League of Legends

  1. Great vid man! Tired of losing when I versus against my friends and getting flamed. Also hope this will help me big time in ranked!

  2. Well he IS good but Last game i went 13. 2 but my adc fed And lef 600 stacks but enemy sivir shreded me

  3. Its an old vid but if you still read the comments Phage is pronounced with an 'F' not a P like the name "Phillip" is pronounced "Fillip"

  4. Not sure if you mentioned this in the guide, sorry if you did, but if you die, do you keep your stacks or do you have to stack again?

  5. As always a wonderful guide! Thanks for the info and I hope that you have good luck in your future games!

  6. I see you use E after q-ing, when you should be E-ing first. E reduces their armor, so it will "empower" your next q.

  7. I've kinda played like that, but I made a few changes that caused me to last til 984 stacks and claiming 18 champions lives as kills and only having 6 deaths in the end, at first I was at a good 3 deaths, and it's because I built Mercury's Treads, Trinity force, Frozen Heart, Bloodthirster, Iceborn Gauntlet, and the Maw of Malmortius Graves didn't stand a chance by running, because I kept slowing him hard. And the same applies for everyone.



  9. Him dying to turret at 15:49 is actually good because it denied a kata kill and gave cass a gold reset ngl

  10. I just picked him up and I have seen quite a few guides saying to max w second for easy ganks, better chase and they buffed the range on it.
    Since he just got buffed in 10.7 do you still max E second even though they buffed the armour reduction by 10% at all ranks?
    Because now level 1 E is comparable to level 3 E before the change aside from the tick damage E does.

  11. This is a very informative guide, but I wish you used a game where you lost lane and got bullied out lane instead of a game where you could essentially afk stack and eventually stomp anyone in your way. That's usually more frequently what happens opposed to winning early

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