How to Fix svchost.exe High CPU Usage in Windows 7

In this video, I will show you guys how to solve 100 % Svchost.exe High Memory or CPU usage problems.
after windows updates sometimes we getting high memory usage issue on our windows 7 computer. If you will go to your task manager then you can see your memory usage by svshost.exe.
maximum people don’t know about these issues so through this video you can easily fix your high memory ram issue.

run command: services.msc

Note:- This video has followed all the Youtube community guideline rules. The purpose of this video is to share My knowledge with everyone that is totally Legal, Informational and for Educational purpose. I totally do not support any types of illegal acts or videos.
The videos are completely for legal purposes.

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14 thoughts on “How to Fix svchost.exe High CPU Usage in Windows 7

  1. still working I need to put in manual and stop windows update. since the diagnostic service event if putting in manual and stopping it automcatic puts in running

  2. This doesn't work actually, it restart the process it self even it says disabled and even after you changed the setting to take no action in advance menus. Install a data tracker and watch. it will actually show you it does not do the job. There are actually no actual solution for svchost and mpcmd.exe issue. You just have to deal with it. those are system files. your PC will be crashed if you directly infere with them such as trying to move or delete them

  3. i have not windows update in services local please help me

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