How to EQ – Part 1 – Basics with EQ Eight Ableton Live

EQing Basics in Ableton: EQing the pads of our Deep House template for starters – Mixing and Mastering
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18 thoughts on “How to EQ – Part 1 – Basics with EQ Eight Ableton Live

  1. The spectrum does not show on my EQ, so I have to apply the spectrum individualy. My Ableton is 8.2.2. DO you know if it's just because of the late version or it can be activated somehow?

  2. This is why ableton makes me nuts, I have all this screen real estate and I’m still futzing around in these tiny screens at the bottom. No bueno.

  3. +Production Music Live This is the first EQ video that clearly explains what is cut out and what is kept or boosted.
    Great video!

    I've searched 1000s of videos, none explained it like this.

  4. Really appreciate your tutorials they really give a good platform for beginners…Thanks a milli… !!!!

  5. Dude thank you so much! I can't wait to master Ableton with all your videos. How long did it take for you to become so good at everything? What did it take gain the knowledge you have?

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