How to download and install Far Cry 5 and fix crack

Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the
award-winning franchise.
Hope County, Montana, has been overrun by a fanatical doomsday
cult – The Project at Eden’s Gate. Upon your arrival, you must
spark the fires of resistance to liberate the community.

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22 thoughts on “How to download and install Far Cry 5 and fix crack

    Dear Uploader, I am overwhelmingly THANKFUL for this video. I have waited sooooo long to get this game for my PC. Also, loyally already have purchased it on my ps4. I always had trouble stocking up my Steam Balance so I couldnt buy this game. Since I dont have a Disc Drive the whole situation from there on only got more and more complicated.

    I couldnt believe how perfectly everything worked with your guided video. Literally…the first time EVER where I followed a step-by-step guide and EVERYTHING was WORKING LIKE A CHARM.

    People always take evrything for granted…. But I try not to. You saved me 70 bucks and an immeasurable ammount of time and stress 🙂

    Like, dude…. I almost went bald in the looong, agonizing process of trying to get this game. BLESS YOU
    RV MechTech, much Love from danyboy931, YOURE THE MAN.

    I will do my best to support your channel from now on.

  2. hey bro, the links are broken, I can't access the file. it's there anyway you can help me? I'll be expecting your reply, thanks!

  3. thanks it worked, instead of watching this video earlier i downloaded uplay and tried playing it there but obviously it didn't work, anyways thanks man, EZ like.

  4. U made my night bro….thank you so much …lots and lots of thanks…..I have subscribed and am gonna definitely share your channel to plenty…..thank you so much brooo

  5. Guys someone don't get files or cannot gets solution so.. I have my I have providing my telegram channel or we can discuss over there and subscribe to my channel guys I need your support that give me positive feedback to make more videos

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