How much it costs to own a used Porsche Cayenne (2 Year Cost of Ownership Review)

You MUST WATCH this if you’re thinking about buying a used Porsche Cayenne. I’ve owned my 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo for 2 years now and here’s a full breakdown review on the total cost of ownership so far. See below for more videos:

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38 thoughts on “How much it costs to own a used Porsche Cayenne (2 Year Cost of Ownership Review)

  1. good video man. I am eyeing a used newer model to garage my Q50. I drive 15-20k miles per year but my gas is paid for with reimbursement so its basically a work car.

  2. $340 for an oil change? Wtf? You could do it yourself for under $50 and that's with the most expensive oil lol

  3. I have a 99 gmc safari van camper that needed a smog repair waiver, I have never had to repair a thing in a year and a half and it runs fine. My idea would be to keep a $10,000 + tax used white cayenne, and never have to take it to the shop like the good guys do and let it run down as I wait for my next car in 3 to 5 yrs. If my junkyard gmc safari doesnt need a mechanic, and this does? That's a big wtf. I thought the mechanic work is just to keep dealership carfax buyback value. I don't know cars and don't want anything to go wrong, anyone have feedback? I am not tractable to your youtube doctrine and argument. Let me know.

  4. Weird that you would factor depreciation in as “cost of ownership”. These are only soft hits and would only factor in if you sell it.

  5. $3.20 per gallon! Fuel in the U.K. for 97 RON is £1.35 per litre that’s £5.10 per gallon or $6.54. Over twice the price. Switch the engine off going down hill!😆😆😆😆

  6. You could buy a low mileage Renault Clio GT-line tce 2012' for under 15k miles. I've owned the car for two years and I have only had to pay towards two passed M.O.T's, new oil changes and air filters. And that is it. A total cost of £210.00 to run this car.

    You only buy a car from new if you plan to keep it for 7 years or more. You never buy a high-end used car with high mileage. It's money down the drain.

    I have my own business and invest my monies into Real Estate. All cars are money pits, if you want an expensive car, get business cover, insurance and a business lease contract for 12 months, with maintenance warranty covered.

    You only pay for the difference in depreciation from the new price of the vehicle minus the actual value worth after 12 months. Most business owners I know and some millionaires also never own the car, only lease it out for 1 or 2 years max. Then you get the next latest model the year after.

  7. Sounds more like people are being ripped off with the costs you quote! One born every minute and all that…

  8. Great video with every details. I am planning invest on a Panamera 2010 or 2011. Can you do the same with panamera in 2020? How much cost you think?

  9. Good video. Succinct and no fluff so many thanks. I've just bought a Cayenne Turbo 2011 and live in Texas where the roads are rough. Would you recommend any preventative maintenance for example the bushes (I'm at 110k miles). Any other preventative maintenance in hindsight to avoid some of the bigger costs? And was your preventative maintenance in line with the manufacturers recommendations or were you being cautious because of the significant costs of repairs? Lastly, I've heard some horror stories about aftermarket maintenance contracts. Who do you recommend?

  10. My question is I have a Jeep SRT and it's not the most reliable but it's not as bad as that Porsche. Would you get a Jeep SRT instead?

  11. Go with an Infiniti Fx35. Way cheaper and way more reliable than any Porsche Cayenne which I’ve also owned.

  12. I have a friend with the same model. Yes, his expenses have been similar to yours the last couple years. Not only is it expensive, but a hassle to own, as it seems to be in a shop every few months. Many European vehicles are the same. I would never want such a high maintenance vehicle. You compare other trucks, but are thinking cost only, what about your time and effort every time a repair is needed.
    I just bought a brand new 2020 Toyota 4Runner yesterday, and will be able, even when it’s older, never have high maintenance on it

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