Fix Noise in Premiere Pro – NEAT VIDEO Best Plugin to Fix Video Grain

Fix Noise in Premiere Pro with NEAT VIDEO the BEST plugin to fix Video Grain. Learn how to fix video noise with the best noise reduction for video on the market – Neat Video! A simple 5-minute plug-in to fix all your video noise in premiere pro!

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24 thoughts on “Fix Noise in Premiere Pro – NEAT VIDEO Best Plugin to Fix Video Grain

  1. Hello sir I have render problem when I am trying to render my 10 minutes clip in premiere pro then it have done within 1 or 2 minut but when I am apply Denoiser in same clip then it take several time that 10 to 15 hours. Is Denoiser heavy effect preset in premiere pro please help? How to reduce export time?

  2. I bought the plugin over a year ago and had no idea it was for a lifetime, thanks. Just bought the upgrade.

  3. Hi. I just bought this plugin for Premiere. Whats the best way to apply in premiere? I applied reduce noise to the adjustment layer. I must be doing things wrong. The render time is too long. Exporting the video is insane. Where can I find instructions on how to do this properly? My video is a little over an hour with many clips. I'm also a film archivist and could use this for many old school formats that I convert to digital! Thanks!

  4. How high can you crank up your ISO to get the least noticable noise even with Neat Video under those under-the-cave conditions?

  5. I think you forgot to mentioned the best feature. As you can see the auto noise profile has only 78% quality. I strongly recommend to build up a noise profile manually from different shots where you used the same camera settings. This is for creating a custom noise profile for your camera chip. Every camera has its own noise. So if you created the profile you can use it for any future projects. The better the profile quality the better the reduction and sharpness. By the way I would´t use the built-in sharpening from the addin. At least in my version of neatvideo it is inferior to unsharp mask or "high pass" method

  6. you can do it without stupid plug-in in after effects. also, it will slow down your workflow by 99%. people shouldn't pay for garbage like a neat video so they will optimize to work faster if you keep buying it they won't do shit.

  7. Hello! I use neatvideo 4 for 4K video. Wanted to ask whether experience with the new version neatvideo 5?

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