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Follow these steps to change your power plan:
– Select the Start button.
– Type Choose a power plan and select it from the results.
– Make sure the Balanced option is selected.
– Or for maximum battery life, select Power saver.
– Avoid High performance unless necessary.
– To customize your power plan for when you are plugged in or when you are using a battery, select Change plan settings.
– For more advanced power options, select Change advanced power settings.
– Select Save changes to update your power plan.
– Close any applications on the desktop not in use.
– Use the brightness function keys on your notebook to dim your screen.
– Disconnect any external devices when you are not using them.
– Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features off when you are not using them.
– Once a month, run a battery check with HP Support Assistant.
– Calibrate the notebook battery every two to three months.
– Fully charge the battery. Then unplug the power cord.
– Use the computer until the battery is completely drained of power and the notebook turns off to complete the calibration.
– If you don’t plan on using your notebook for more three months, charge the notebook battery to at least seventy percent.
– For notebooks with removable batteries, completely remove the battery and store it.
– For notebooks with embedded batteries, store the entire notebook.
– Re-adjust your power settings on a regular basis to get the most life out of your notebook battery.

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How To Extend Your HP Notebook Battery Life in Windows | HP Computers | HP

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34 thoughts on “Extend Your HP Notebook Battery Life in Windows | HP Computers | HP

  1. I have hp envy x360 15-dr0022tx, battery only last 4.5 hours when fully charged. Battery still ok. Bought in 2019….not ao great, hp….i've done battery saver, screen brightness to the lowest, running background app disable, bluetooth off.
    Only using wifi and microsoft edge.

  2. How do I see how long my battery will last? Like it used to show how many minutes my battery will last when I hovered on the battery icon. Now it doesn’t show.

  3. Should I use hp 15S eq0024 laptop with charger plugged in ?
    Removing charger After full charge?
    What is recommended for better battery life

  4. I own HP Pavilion Gaming 15 dk0068wm. my concern is: would it harm the battery by keeping the laptop plugged into the charger for long periods ( 5-7 hours a day) while the battery is fully charged to 100% and does not drop lower than 100 while plugged in?

  5. I bought my HP da0414tu before an week when I check battery status it shows no error but 136 days old. Is it normal because it model itself was released on march 2020 and battery is older than that. Also now I have backup issues when I charge battery to 100% it goes below 90% in 5 minutes

  6. Should i unplug the charger after the battery is full or keep the charger plugged in? (Hp pavillion gaming 15 ec0001ax)

  7. I’m really getting tired of useing hp each time I get a hp laptop the WiFi disconnect for no reason than it wouldn’t let me click on Sertan things than it just goes to a black scree. And Im really getting annoyed cuz than the games I play on it and all my save fills just gone than I have to start over again but when I’m not gameing sometime or doing schoolwork can’t even do that cuz the laptop won’t let me click on things this is really annoying

  8. Do HP have battery limiter for Pavilion Gaming 15 or the battery is limited automatically by using Adaptive Battery Optimizer feature?
    *I worry when I use the notebook and still plug the charge in after it is full charged 100%.

  9. Some tech channels on youtube say that using laptops while charging affects the battery life..is that right? Help please ? Can I use it while charging during gaming?

  10. I just purchased the HP 15s eq0024au and it's pretty great.
    My question is, if we plug in the power and use the battery, does it bypass and use the power source or does it go through the battery? I hope I was clear haha. Do reply, thanks 🙂

  11. OMG 😱
    I was confused why my HP notebook has very less battery life

    Then I found
    My HP NOTEBOOK HAS ONLY ONLY 2800mah battery(15.6 inch screen)😵😡😡😡

    Which is way lesser than my smartphone with 6 inch screen ( which has 4000mah battery)

  12. Hello Hp
    I buyed Hp 15 Pentium gold.
    But, I don't know why after every minute 1% battery is decreasing is that normal or any issue.
    The laptop is brand new with now heavy usage.
    Please reply me Hp…….

  13. I intend to buy hp 250 g6, how effective is it in terms of speed and overall performance? can the battery last up to 12 hours as I read from the specifications?
    am so much concerned about battery duration, please.

  14. I am using HP Notebook 15-ay543TU.
    Is it advisable to plug in and use the laptop even when it's fully charged?
    Which plan is suitable if I use my laptop plugged in with fully charged battery?

  15. I am charging my hp laptop below 90 % for the past few weeks because i heard that by not charging all the way upto 100% it improves battery state and improve discharge cycles. Is it true ? should i charge fully before using ?

  16. I have EliteBook G3 – 745 after charge the battery 100% should be removed the charger from laptop???? And should be chargers battery 100% or 25% to extend life battery ???

    Note: the bettary built in

  17. I have a hp pavilion gaming 15 2019. My question is isn't it better to only charge the laptop till 80 percent and let it discharge to 40 percent before plugging it in. Wouldn't leaving a battery at a higher capacity degrade its capacity faster. Also while gaming with the charger connected at 100 percent does the charger alone get used for powering the device (thereby no using battery charge cycles)or does the power go from the battery which in turn gets charged(causing more cycles and heating as well). I love my laptop and want to increase its overall lifespan by following your advice.

  18. Hp is worst company, never buy a hp laptops, I will soon upload a video on my friends 10m subs channel. Because I buy the hp laptop with 1 year battery replacement battery (HP BC406TX). First whole laptop changed as DOA, then in 1 year my battery is replaced around 7-8 times. Now warranty is over, and by the way now laptop is working ok but what if after a month or 2 month battery again become worst then I know when I call them now they only going to say your warranty is over we can't do anything. Yes they provide home service but what is it's use if you need to call them after every around 2 month. And I know here I don't get any solution. Just a link or mail id or phone no. But all do nothing. And my laptop price is around indian 71k rupees which is too much for me.

  19. 1-My battery charging stucks at 99% after a new battery replacement. I have done battery calibration 2-3 times.. but it not worked .. please give me any solution..
    2-My battery life also decreased.. it is showing 3hrs remaining when charge is 99%. and previously it was showing upto 5hrs. I have HP Pavilion AU 620TX model.

  20. Why my Laptop drains extremely fast?It only takes 1 hour of usage from 100% after 2 hours of charging time.What should I do?I have this since I got the Computer.Please help me

  21. Why don’t u guys put a better battery that lasts for about 8-10 hours on a single charge when we use it for normal purposes like web browsing , watching movies etc. I bought HP pavilion 14 x360 CD0056TX for about 95k Indian rupees which claimed to give 11 hours but after a month of purchase it started to give only 4-5 hours. Now after a year of usage it only gives 4 hours. When I asked about HP support staff they said that it would give 11 hours when i keep my laptop in idle mode

    Am I an idiot to simply keep the laptop in standby mode without doing any work?????

    Even i tested it. It only lasted 6 hours in standby mode.

    So by this I can understand that HP is a cheater.

    HP makes false claims and makes their customers fool.

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