Ctrl A Ctrl C and Ctrl V Not Working in Windows 10 (3 Possible Solutions)

Control keys or Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V not working in Windows 10? You can fix the problem by these three methods! Please restart your system after the third method to apply the changes.

Method 1: 0m4s Right click on windows start buttonDevice ManagerKeyboards: expand it. Right click on the items under it and Update! If you have multiple items other than the normal “standard PS/2 Keyboard”, please update those as well!

If you don’t have anything under Keyboards, OR if you don’t have Keyboards itself in Device Manager, please click on the top menu: VIEW and enable SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES.

Method 2: 1m06s Try this if Method 1 is not working! Right click on the items under Keyboard in Device Manager and chose UNINSTALL! Just uninstall and DON’T DELETE! Uncheck the option of delete if asked! Don’t worry! Uninstalled items will comeback after restart! Windows will install the required drivers automatically afresh to fix the problems!

Method 3: 1m31s Right click on Windows Start buttonCommand Prompt Admintype the following command and hit the enter key.

sfc /scannow

Please note that, there is a space before /scannow! The scan will fix the corrupted operating system files. The scan takes around 20 minutes to finish. If the scan takes longer time, just close the window and restart your computer!

Hopefully, any one of these methods will work for you! Please LIKE the video if this works for you.

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35 thoughts on “Ctrl A Ctrl C and Ctrl V Not Working in Windows 10 (3 Possible Solutions)

  1. I have a question, will the 2nd one make my games go away? I am not sure if I got a window's pc or not.

  2. i have this problem in my PC – windows 10 home 1909, Radeon RX 580 – after install new system, alwas ctrl+c,ctrl+v, etc – not working, try to reinstal, instal windows 10 pro, windows 10 1803 – always the same problem – trying another usb keyboard – not work, always shortcuts not work. HARDWARE MANAGER – show in keyboard – Keyboard HID . trying all, need help.

  3. Thank you! I'm trying the first possible solution without success.. but you show me a detail (show hidden devices) that I did not try before, and now it works!

  4. In my case.. only Crtl don't work and not a single solutions in the internet help. So my last option is to try using another keyboard. Lucky i got extra that's been collecting dust for years. Swap, plug it in and it works just fine. Funny is that ONLY both Left & Right CRTL button not working. Sometimes we forgot to try the most basic things.. swapping your keyboard. 🤣🤣

  5. Wow! Thank you so much! I have this problem since last year, until now it's solved by second method 😀

  6. Didn't work for me! There is another video which shows how to change the display and help language in MS Word to English as the default. That video worked for me!

  7. You are a lifesaver. Neither crtl + r nor crtl + p nor crlt + d worked for me for months, but you… you saved me.

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