Checking Your Notebook Battery Using HP Support Assistant | HP Computers | HP

Learn how to use HP Battery Check to test and calibrate your battery.

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Steps for testing your battery with HP Battery Check:
Open HP Support Assistant.
Click the My PC tile, and then click Diagnostics and tools.
Click HP Battery Check to begin the battery testing process.
If the test identifies any issues, follow the instructions in the suggested solutions.

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Checking Your Notebook Battery Using HP Support Assistant | HP Computers | HP


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19 thoughts on “Checking Your Notebook Battery Using HP Support Assistant | HP Computers | HP

  1. System is getting shut down at various battery percentages
    Some day at 80 some day at 60 and some day at 30
    Can you help?
    Model – HP Laptop 15-bs0xx

  2. I have been suffering from the problem last three months. My HP laptop restarts without warning. After two or three days this happen. How to solve the problem? Recently I have replaced the battery. I use windows 7 operating system. Please help

  3. Mine came back saying 'primary battery okay' and 'charged 93%' yet as soon as I unplug the charger it shuts off… why could this be?

  4. Hi, i need to purchase a battery for my HP Pavilion 15-n268sa laptop. Please advise to purchase original

  5. In my laptop it contains two cell one is working one is not working..
    I check in HP support assistant…I already calibrates the battery but still my battery backup is no longer

  6. I purchased a new battery, original one. I apply to the notebook then I check with HP Battery Check. The result is "Calibrate". I try to calibrate as the recommendation way. But its nothing result. The battery is still showing "Calibrate" again.

    Any solutions?

    HELP HELP…………..

  8. Is there any damned way to figure out how many hours are left? I only see the battery percentage, but that doesnt really tell me much…

  9. Hello sir…..M having a Hp Pavilion 15 notebook ay009dx….the battery backup is surprising low….I face a great deal of difficulty in multitasking…..the battery drains even faster while gaming…..I seriously need a fix….Any possible fix is requested……

  10. at starting windows error battery code 601 my laptop shutdown automatically when it unplugged from charger plz help hp 8470p notebook

  11. I followed this video exactly as it said, but my HP Assistant doesn't have the "Diagnostics and tools" option, and when I click on the "Battery Check" button I do see, it takes to the HP website. I am unable to to run a battery diagnostic like the video shows. Which is weird because I could in the past.

  12. Well… and where to find "Review the HP Support Assistant Battery Check results" manual is talking about??? I hoped to see this in the video here…

  13. Absolutely nothing. Just want to you create a "Profile" with HP for idiotic emails. Then
    gives you surprising information…Buy A New Battery!!! No Shhhttt! New battery in already.

  14. helo sir i have hp note book 15r014tx. my bettry was dameged i want to replace it, so please send me the link so esily i get it. now my spce key and other key are not working propely. help me. her i given my emil

  15. i run the test but windows always says it found a problem and closes it before it finishes? any other way to run a battery test?

  16. Is it possible to manually reset the Wi-Fi adapter on HP laptops? Like when you do a troubleshooting and it resets it.

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