Cantonese Bak Chang – 广式肉粽

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Ending off our Dragonboat festival food series with the umami in the super-fragrant Cantonese Bak Chang!

The Cantonese Bak Chang is chock-a-block with savoury goodness. Our version features eight different types of ingredients for its filling, including luscious chunks of pork belly marinated with eight condiments, and of course mung beans – the traditional must-have ingredient for the Cantonese Bak Chang.

Together with the fried dried shrimp, mushrooms, chestnuts, dried scallops, dried oysters and the classic salted egg yolk, every mouthful of this Bak Chang is sure to give you a burst of traditional flavour that we all love with our rice dumplings.

This recipe completes the series of recipes we wanted to share with you for the Dragonboat Festival this year. Be sure to post or send us photos of how your rice dumplings have turned out, and let us know what other recipes you would like us to feature next round!

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