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Learn how to calibrate the battery on your HP Notebook.

To learn more about testing and calibrating the battery (Windows) on HP Notebook PCs, visit our support site,

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Follow these steps to calibrate the battery on your HP Notebook:
-Fully charge the notebook battery.
-Disconnect the power adapter, turn off the computer, and then turn it back on.
-Immediately press F2 – repeatedly – to launch Diagnostics UEFI.
-Select Component Tests, Memory, and then Extensive Test.
-Select Loop until error to start the test.
-Let the test continue until the battery is completely discharged and the computer turns off.
-It might take several hours for the battery to completely discharge.
-Plug in the power adapter, and then charge the battery fully again.
-Turn on the notebook and view the battery charge percentage.

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How to Calibrate the Battery on HP Notebooks | HP Notebooks | HP


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20 thoughts on “Calibrate the Battery on HP Notebooks | HP Computers | HP

  1. why is there a different instruction on HP Support Assistant I followed that one and it doesn't work, now I searched it on youtube and I saw this video and it used different methods unlike the other one on HP Support Assitant, please tell me which one I should follow this is so frustrating !

  2. My laptop is plugged in and it doesnt go up its stuck at 0% and when i unplug it ,it turns off anyone know a fix?

  3. When I was plug in battery the LED glows red for few seconds then it will turn to white and not charged to battery…

  4. seeing if this will work since my hp envy x360 dies at exactly 7% which annoys me because it gives me barely any time after seeing the reminder to charge my laptop

  5. several days ago, my battery won't reach 100%. it only charged to 60-62% and then the LED light turns white. What should I do? My Laptop is HP 14s-cf0045tx. I bought it january 2019.

  6. I did not get Component Test as an option. I have BIOS version/date Insyde F.21, 10/27/2016…..
    I only got 4 options: Hard Drive, Memory, Language, Exit

  7. my battery came to about 74 – 75% during the test but it went off due to low battery, is this normal? I had loaded it 100%

  8. Sir my Laptop is i5 6200U 280gz. Processor Model 15- ab22tx So after Remove Charger My laptop On his Own Suddenly Shut power So can calibration will help me ? Reply me sir your value feedback

  9. I couldn't press the f2 because some of the keys of my laptop didn't work. What should i do?plss help

  10. In bios I made the maximum to be 80% ( I'm leaving the laptop plugged in all the time )
    but now the charging stops at 79% and the light is amber all the time and in the battery widget doesn't say "Not charging" like in the screenshot in the support page.

    What I'm asking here 2 points, A- shouldn't the light turn white in the range of 70 – 80 now? B- the widget should say not charging right? but it doesn't

  11. I forgot to turn off charging even after a 100% charge but i turned off after half when i noticed it … would i cause battery health ?

  12. I did something in my registry (change a setting to enable the option to be able to turn off turbo boost via battery powerplan, ever since it has this yellow circle underneath the hp customer support logo in the bottom right of the screen. I did the steps from this video, but it is still here.

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