Bootstrap 4 Tutorial 35 – Nav Tab Panes

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13 thoughts on “Bootstrap 4 Tutorial 35 – Nav Tab Panes

  1. when u are using ID the first must be letter you cant use first number. Its Html rule. Sorry for my Eng

  2. no ma we eres una verga muchisimas gracias mas que nada por que llevo dos dias sin dormir por no entender a esa madre muchas gracias crack

  3. you should use class active not for a, but for li class nav-item, so that after f5, active tab worked. fix it

  4. Thank you for your video!
    I was kicking myself for about an hour before I came across your video. I had not realized id's can't start with a number 😉

    More info on CSStricks:

  5. It's really great but a little bit problem there. So you make the home tab as active. But by default home content is not showing. When you click others tab and then click home tab then the home content is visible. But I need home content and active tab content will be visible by default. Could you please tell me how can I do that?

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