BMW Cruise e-Bike first ride

I am testing a BMW Cruise e-bike out for a few weeks.My video offers a quick demo of a BMW Cruise e-Bike on a woodland and canal side paths.Personally I think its great but has some minor limitations , range is not one of them, over 22 miles on turbo mode or over 80 miles on eco. I used it for about 23 miles today over roads and trails it was interesting!Hills and gradients are banished! You still have to peddle the electric wizard inside assists you as you peddle.
I can see this being great way to get those with less stamina out for longer periods or those with good fitness extending their rides.
You can ride with no assist – its a bit like having very heavy panniers or if you have towed kids in one of those trailers you will know what i mean ! not impossible on flat ground. Its a shame the assist cuts out at 16.5 mph (uk law) as this bike whips you up to that speed very quickly. I would buy on in a heartbeat if they were not “restricted” in this way.
specs below:
Battery: 400 watt frame mounted battery which offers support up to 16.5 mph charges 100% in 3.5 hours or 50% in 1.5
Frame: frame developed by BMW
Forks: Suntour NCX-28″suspension
Saddle: S1 Selle Royal
Tyres: Continental CruiseCONTACT
Brakes: Hydraulic Shimano disc brakes
Shift System: Shimano Deore/XT 10 gear
Drive Unit: Bosch Performance Line electric motor with 250W output
Power support: four modes up to 275% assist
weight: 22.7kg
Price (as of Sep 2016) £2501


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12 thoughts on “BMW Cruise e-Bike first ride

  1. Please do an in depth review. How does this work? Range? Charging Time? Aftermarket Support like warranty and parts availability?

  2. a nice looking bike it's not cheap but then a lot of bikes cost more then this and are nothing but leg power so not a crazy price for what your getting Imo
    atb Steve

  3. Wow, that's a lot of money there, and then you carried it down the steps😯!! mind you, I wouldn't want to break it after paying that much! How do you rate it?

  4. Smart, neat!!! £2500 though, that's a pretty pretty penny!!!

    If I was to ever buy one I think I'd go for a cheaper model and make, seen others for a ,lot less than what BM are asking for that one.

    If I really wanted to get back on two wheels though I think I'd opt for a cheap moped, thanks again mate.

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