Aston Martin DB7 Review | Top Gear | BBC

Top Gear reviews the Aston Martin DB7.


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49 thoughts on “Aston Martin DB7 Review | Top Gear | BBC

  1. I disagree with his three most beautiful man-made objects. What about the Ferrari 250 GTO and the Lamborghini Miura.

  2. Holy moly! The number plates for this are almost identical to the one in Johnny English!!

    Stroke of coincidence??

  3. Not a fan of Callum. The DB7 was originally meant to be an XJS replacement penned by Keith Helfet. He showed that concept to Sir William Lyons at his home. The Aston is a slightly modified version of that but Callum's career was made. Be honest, has he served Jaguar? Last XK had stupid lights front and rear, XJ is ridiculous and the XF/XE could be Hyundai models with Jag badges except they have someone better. I wouldn't be caught dead in an F Type because it has as much class as a hotdog. I'm being harsh, these purple-suade-shoe wearing 'artists' ruined my favourite car brand. Now the cars I dream about are either 30 years old or new Volvos. I don't care how well they sell, future classics they are not.

  4. Ian Calllum – the best designer Aston Martin ever had. The Vantage looks stunning (not the new 2018 one – that looks like a catfish from the front). Jaguar certainly got their man!

  5. It looks like something that the mitsubishi 3000gt may have been if they had a bit more sandpaper on hand. I really don't understand why they insist on going on about the thing. It isn't breathtaking now it wasn't then a 70's corvette looks way more pretty and always has. It's mundane.

  6. How come that clown at 2:02 takes a girl for a drive in an Aston and doesn't open the door for her? Definitely, having money doesn't mean a thing…

  7. A really, really nice looking car. But for me, the Aston Martin V8 is the most beautiful Aston Martin ever made.

  8. The sad thing about premium British cars is their horrible build quality. I know from owning a Range Rover. Beautiful as art to look at, but equally fragile as a painting, too.

  9. The only thing Aston on this car is the badges. It was originally designed to be the new Jaguar. Ford however, being owners of both companies, ordered it to be introduced as an Aston. The front and back of the car was therefore re designed by Ian Callum to suit.

  10. I think that one of them is involved in the making of the F-Type, the other in the XK .. seriously !

  11. My mechanics recently worked on a low mileage 1998 AM convertible. Poor welds, underpowered and horrible electrics were just some of the things discussed. Amazing that they sold 7000!-Gearhead222

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