AP NASUS MID | 3000 DAMAGE E?! – Off Meta Monday – League of Legends

AP Nasus Mid destroy’s people with his E!


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22 thoughts on “AP NASUS MID | 3000 DAMAGE E?! – Off Meta Monday – League of Legends

  1. When you thought 2020 had already done all it can do, next you wind up in a game against Twiger Nasus. RIP opponents.

  2. Critical Role is fantastic but start on Campaign 2 Episode 1 since the first campaign starts in the middle of an ongoing game.

  3. One of my favorite Nasus builds is AP Tank, since you really dont need to build AD since you can get infinite stacks.

  4. Be honest guys… Who told twiger that he could get deeper into his build by farming 😀 i mean 8 cs per minute who are you?

  5. If you're still looking for podcasts i highly, HIGHLY recommend NADDPOD (Not Another DnD Podcast). The first campaign just ended, so it's a complete story. The show is, for me personally, the perfect, amazing mix of humor and serious storytelling. Honestly probably one of my favorite fictional narratives I've ever followed.

  6. I think the optimal build might have been rush the lost chapter but dont finish ludens and get hextech gunblade. This build would work in any matchup because you would just heal off of the wave and would have the mana from lost chapter and burst with the gunblade. After that, finish ludens and etc.

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