AoE Definitive Edition – Cheat Codes

Full list of cheat codes:
woodstock – 1000 wood
pepperoni pizza – 1000 food
coinage – 1000 gold
quarry – 1000 stone
reveal map – shows entire map
no fog – removes fog of war
kill# – remove player #
diediedie – defeat all players
home run – automatically win
resign – quick way to resign
hari kari – destroys everything you have
king arthur – birds become dragons
grantlinkspence – animals become alpha/king versions
gaia – control gaia units (no way to reverse this)
steroids – instant building, gathering, and training units
medusa – villagers die and become black riders/catapults
black rider – horse archers become “black riders”
upsidflintmobile – chariot archers move/fire faster
dark rain – archers become “stealth archers”
icbm – ballistas have 100 range
big bertha – catapults replaced by “big bertha” (big blast radius)
jack be nimble – catapults fire villagers/cows
flying dutchman – catapult triremes and juggernauts can move on land
hoyohoyo – priests move faster and have 600 HP
convert this! – creates Saint Francis unit that fires lightning bolts
pow – baby on a tricycle with a gun (babyprez)
stormbilly – Zug209 mech unit
bigdaddy – black car with rocket launcher
big momma – white car with rocker launcher
e=mc2 trooper – nuke trooper (300 attack 88 range)
photon man – laser trooper



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Game: Age of Empires Definitive Edition


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28 thoughts on “AoE Definitive Edition – Cheat Codes

  1. For some reason the only cheat that works for me is woodstock every other cheat says no-init please help!?

  2. Hey, you. Yeah yeah, you. Is fighting the ai too hard? Do you hate that they some how are able to set up faster than you? Do you wanna have a get out of jail free card for when this happens? Then boy howdy, do I have the codes for you!

    (I just said "boy howdy" unironically. What's wrong with me?)

  3. Fyi: the cars are actually the same model, a late 90's Camaro, the only thing that changes is the color.

  4. For any upgraded unit: Use the cheat BEFORE upgrading that unit! This will lead in to much stronger units with far more HP and dps. How about a Priest with 1200 hp for example that runs as fast as a race car?

    The Flying Dutchman's are powerful and they should also be able to profit from the Big Bertha cheat, however these ships vs pretty much any ground unit including villagers is just asking for trouble. Flying Dutchman's are unfortunately rather squishy and your fleet will be gone in no time. Also for this one, make sure you use the cheats BEFORE upgrading to at least give them some better chance against your enemies on land.

    Stormbilly units are based up on the Robocop robot that goes berserk before he gets killed and becomes robocop.

    All cheats mentioned are from The original game and it's expansion pack (yes, we actually had packs that were called that instead of DLC and often were more worth then what they are giving out these days)

  5. in AoE1 if you use the priest upgrade cheat before you use the health upgrade for priests then you had a priest with 1200 health. Dunno if that still works in this def edition.

  6. This is why i play the demo instead of the full game, i can't use cheats lmao it ruined my game every damn time

  7. The legendary POW! A legendary cheat inside a legendary game!! There is no real age of empire without the POW!

  8. Robinhood
    Rock On
    Copy paste x 50!

    All of that just came into my head when I saw the title of the video!

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