Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low Basketball Shoe Review

Learn about my experience with the Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low Basketball Shoe in this performance review video! I talk about the ankle support, traction, shock absorption, jumping applications, and much more. Watch my other Product Review Videos here

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28 thoughts on “Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low Basketball Shoe Review

  1. Hi Coach, i have knee injury and i am looking for good volleyball shoe for knee impact. Is this good option? Thanks

  2. Hey Donny! Any recommendations for open gyms around Berkeley/Oakland? Similar to your level/slightly higher. I'm visiting from Sydney Australia! Thanks!

  3. If you could suggest me a good pair of shoes with arch support! I am keep getting shin splint and physio suggested me to get a good volleyball shoes with arch support but here in Australia hard to find any shop has good volleyball products!

  4. Hi Donny, I work with BBTV and we found your content and want to get in touch. We work with creators to help to expand their audience and their revenue earning opportunities. I'd love to send you some more information about what we do. whats the best way to connect?

  5. Coach donnie could you teach us how to spike like masahiro yanagida or yuki ishikawa
    How to spike with their form

  6. To be honest, in my experience the bounce doesn't last very long. In my case of playing volleyball 3-4 times a week it only lasted a few months. It started to feel as if it's sole got squashed. In addition to that, the sole is very hard already. But that's just me.

    Imo the Hyperace 2 is a very nice shoe. Since it's use my footwork improved massively. Not that I was bad doing that but I just had more control.
    I'm around 182 cm tall and have a peek at around 340 cm. Before that i used to spike at around 320 cm.

  7. How is the ankle support on this shoe? I often injure my ankle, so I would like to know how well it protects it from injuries.

  8. Thanks for the excellent review!
    * Coincidentally, I bought a pair of Adidas Pro Next 2019 in October, and I suspect the Bounce and Next are derived from each other, because my experience mirrors yours: I also had to buy a half-size up; and, I like the overall comfort and fit as well as the traction, support and shock absorption, but feel a little less spring than my Adidas Explosive Bounce 2017 shoes.
    * I'd recommend Next 2019 over Bounce 2019 to those who prefer a mid to a low for the extra ankle support, although I still wear my regular ankle stabilizers/braces.
    * Enjoyed the bloopers and your snarky cameraman, too. 🙂

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