For the longest time when it came to “sandals”, my preference was flip flops from brands like Reef and Rainbow. This stemmed from growing up in Southern California, but when the adidas Adilette Boost Slides dropped, everything changed. Since then I’ve worn the hell out of them, but I’ve also been told by several people that the Boost Slides don’t compare to the Adilette Comfort Slides. Well I’m here to say that I think they’re right, these Comfort Slides are insanely comfortable, but will the “comfort” last? Let me know what slides you’re rocking with and if you enjoy the video, please leave a 👍🏽. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you appreciated and also what I can do to improve the next video. Most importantly, tap that red Subscribe button along with the Bell 🔔 to stay up to date and be notified with everything I upload here on this channel. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you 🤙🏽

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  1. For some reason adidas dont do padding on all the comfort slides but I have a couple pairs with padding and one without. Nike also do a version of the comfort slide, the strap is well padded but the foam isn't as soft.

  2. I've had my cloudfoam for almost 2 years… they do not lose their "form"… I'm 195lbs just for reference.

  3. How to remove the smell when the slippers are soaked? I am using COMFORT SLIDES and find it very foul when there is water on it? Everyone help me!

  4. I have the boost, cloud foam, and the comfort slides.

    Comfort slide: I have to say, the comfort slide is nice around the house because it's so soft, IMO softest of all three. However, they deform too much for "too much" walking, and I much prefer the other two to say groceries or whatever. Extended standing will usually cause a hot spot around the heel too.

    Cloud foam: These are actually my favorite. They're not as soft as the comfort, but they make up for it with the support it provides. Soft =/= comfort, support which distributes the weight can actually be better (Birkenstock is a good example of good support -> comfort, which you should try too. You can also think layer memory foam with support base is better than an ultra-soft block of foam).

    Boost: Basically a happy middle ground, but I still find it gives a little too much on the heel/doesn't have the same level to arch support.

    Before anyone tries to roast me for overcomplicating slides, don't forget these are $60 slides.

  5. They used to put padding on the strap for the comfort slides i still have my pair. I tried purchasing a new comfort slide in 2019 and it came without the padding and wasn't as comfy still haven't worn it might give it away. Feels way less comfy then my old grey comfort slides with the padding. I have been searching for the slide that i still own because i want a new pair but do not see them anywhere. Seems adidas stopped making them with the padding.

  6. All other COMFORTs have a cushioned strap only these with blended logo are thin, but in my opinion it’s actually better cuz they flex easily

  7. I just bought a pair of Adilette Comforts and LISTEN. They are easily the most comfortable slides I've worn, and I've had plenty of Jordan Hyrdo Slides and the LeBron slides with the Air Max unit. I got the grey pair and will have to cop the black one too.

  8. Adilette Cloudfoam PLUS Explorer (AQ2104). Check out this link I just found:

  9. New subscriber 🔔.
    I've had my comfort slides for over a year, i use them daily and i must say the comfortability is still there👣☁️😏👍🏼!

  10. Bruh my comfort slides smell HORRIBLE! Anyone have that issue and any resolution? P.s. i tried soap and disinfectant wipes.. only thing that did was give them a flowery stinky smell and soap suds building with every step i take no matter now much i wash them.

  11. You switch the strap, it's just a regular glue, remove the glue using hair dryer and glue them back later on.

  12. If you want the best of both worlds (heavy padding on the strap) and adidas comfort slides cushioning, you should try the skechers slides

  13. I’ve had the comfort for about a year now and they still feel great, I’m usually on slides most of the time so they have several miles on them already, so yeah great option imo

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