2019 Honda Civic – Still The Best Small Car?

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#Honda is a brand that usually gets things right. That consistency was questioned back in 2012 when the 9th generation #HondaCivic was unveiled with a cheap interior, dull handling, and a bland overall look. Thankfully, Honda rectified the #Civic extensively in 2016 with the 10th generation, introducing a new #turbo engine, class leading acceleration & fuel efficiency, and some really sharp handling to boot. It instantly became the best compact car in the segment but with new entires flooding the market, will the small changes made for the 2019 Civic be enough to keep it the best in the class?

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42 thoughts on “2019 Honda Civic – Still The Best Small Car?

  1. The sedan is much bigger, I mean taller, this coupe is shorter but looks sportier………The coupe version of civic is looking like a complete sport car.

  2. The spoiler on the si looks boy racer.The si should look like the coupe.The profile on the coupe is nicer than all of the Civic's.

  3. when Vtec kicks in Braaadaadaadaaadaa BRAAAADADADAFADDADAFDA PRAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAA PRAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhjuPNT-ip4&t=1s

  4. In Europe, The Sport Plus version comes with Blind Spot Monitoring with Cross Traffic Alert, but there's no option to get the sidemirror camera.

  5. Warna itu kalo di tempat saya juga debatable pak sofyan.. Bahkan istri saya sebut itu warna kuning kalau saya sendiri sebut itu warna hijau..

  6. Hey Sofyan, great review. Im really liking these new civics, just wondering do you think you will be able to review the new 2020 Civic SI Sedan? Definently liking how that car is looking, but would love an in depth review if you got a chance.

  7. Honda needs to add Orange Fury to the color options of the Civic (it’s currently available on the fit).

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