2009 Suzuki Gladius longterm review

MCN’s longterm test fleet 2009-2010 includes the Suzuki Gladius. Watch the video for MCN news reporter Chris Newbigging’s report on life with a capable v-twin all-rounder.

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40 thoughts on “2009 Suzuki Gladius longterm review

  1. First taste of riding bigger than a 125 on these at my local training place, really forgiveable for a big bike

  2. nice bike using it on my test its comfortable and smooth through the gears and a great bike to learn on. There is enough power all the way through the rev range and i got it up to 90mph easy just to piss off my instructor hahha. Cannot wait to ditch the L'S

  3. long term with only 6000miles hahaha thats a joke,with 6k miles the bike is just a lil over being broken into,.,id like to see a long term review with at least 25k miles on the bike,to see how it really holds up..

  4. You forgot to say, the seat is a true torture device. How did you get around this, pain in the rump, I would confess to anything, only after a hour of riding, even if I did not do it !!!

  5. "it's a bit girly so we added a few things to make it more masculine."

    a windscreen that LOOKS "better" but doesn't function better, a belly pan that again LOOKS "better" but doesn't have much function, and  an exhaust that LOOKS "better" but doesnt add to the performance.

    you've added a bunch of adornments to make the bike prettier for you, i dont think you know what masculine means.

  6. I'm a getting a 2013 model with red frame as a replacement for my CBR250R. There is a vid on my channel.

  7. This is my old bike, and it was absolutely amazing. I really miss it. I tried many bikes after and nothing came even close.


    Fucking keyboard warriors think they're something behind their computers…

  9. same engine as sv650 but the naked sv650n looks much better imo wish they brought back to the states

  10. Or maybe it's just their opinion and you shouldn't get as offended as you did to write that essay. I heard somewhere that's a low self esteem symptom.

  11. how can a bike even look girly unless it's pink or has flower decals? i personally love the way the standard gladius looks and would really like to trade my naked sv650 in for one.

  12. People seem to be overtly sensitive here. It's "his" opinion that the bike looks a bit "girly." A lot of people have said this about the Gladius.

    That's all well and good, personally I think it's a beautiful bike, I like the styling(smooth instead of blocky) and nothing about the engine (having test ridden one) strikes me as "girly." At least not girly in the negative way in which they're applying it here.

    You may disagree, it's all good, merely my opinion.

  13. Apart from Mr Neeve, all these reviews are the same… introduce the bike… 3 minutes of blasting and cornering… then 10 seconds of "Good brakes, goes well, cheap to buy" … Waste of time lol

  14. @menormice2 The review was done in Feb 2010 and since then the arse has dropped out of the pound and motorcycle costs have gone skyward.

  15. I've never seen a bike get such a bad rep on name alone. Suzuki lovers everywhere hated this bike before they even saw it! Suzuki North America needs people in their marketing department who speak English as a first language to stop gaffes like this from happening. A good bike that will never sell because it was doomed by its name. They will change it slightly and rename it. It'll still be called a Gladius by everyone and fail. I think all "robobikes" are ugly so I won't even argue looks!

  16. Great review. Love this bike. Glad you gave some details on the mods too. Thanks. Keep doing those long term reviews too. That's a great idea.

  17. he didnt really say much… oh no it got dirty when we rode it… yea when you ridea bike in winter in the wet it happens dumbass

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