2008 Porsche Cayenne S review – This will piss off some Porsche fanatics

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Hi, this is Joe Tunney bringing to you a comprehensive catalogue of hundreds of great vehicles from throughout the automobile industry. Although we specialize in Acura, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, sports cars, SUV’s and of course our beloved Infiniti product line, we also like to carry and review exotic cars from time to time like Ferrari, Dodge Viper, turbocharged all-wheel-drive cars like Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru WRX, as well as affordable vehicles that fit into every budget. For 2014 we are going to make a point of reviewing everything we carry, demonstrating for you the interior and exterior features and condition, the wheels and tires, trunk space, as well as an overview of power, technology, economy and driving characteristics to give you factual information as well as information unique to this particular vehicle so that you can enjoy a more intelligent shopping experience without ever having to step onto the lot.
A little about me. I have been the manager at Infiniti of Kirkland since 2004 and prior to that I ran a high end car boutique in neighboring Bellevue, Washington. For my career I have sold over 10,000 cars so I hope to bring you far more insight than you might ever know to even ask. I show you in some videos how to see if a car has been in an accident, how to make a great buy on a car with a bad Carfax, or why I wouldn’t personally buy a car even if it has favorable reviews. Every once in a while I’ll even have a little fun to keep the videos fresh but I want to make certain you know that you can always email me at joet@infinitiofkirkland.com if you ever have any questions or feel I have made a mistake or used poor judgment or poor taste.
I am truly thankful for the hundreds of thousands of views and more importantly, perhaps much more importantly, I am honored to have been viewed in over 200 countries around the world. We all are ambassadors for the things we believe in regardless of where we were born and from my little corner of the world here outside of Seattle, Washington I want to express my sincere gratitude for you having invited me into your home, your place of work, or for simply taking a minute of your valuable time to listen to what I have to say. Maybe we will never meet face to face, but I am forever in your debt for giving me the opportunity to share with you the things I have learned 2008 Porsche Cayenne review. 2008 Porsche Cayenne S for sale. 2008 Porsche cayenne reviews. 2008 porsche cayenne s reviews. 2008 porsche cayenne problems. 2008 porsche cayenne s specs. 2008 porsche cayenne s problems. 2008 porsche cayenne s reliability. 2008 porsche cayenne s review. porsche cayenne for sale Kona. used Porsche for sale Kona. used Cayenne for sale Kona. used SUV for sale Kona. used SUV’s for sale Kona. Used MDX for sale Kona. used 4Runner for sale Kona. Used 4Runner for sale Big Island. Used Pathfinder for sale Kona. Used Murano for sale Kona. Kona used cars.

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37 thoughts on “2008 Porsche Cayenne S review – This will piss off some Porsche fanatics

  1. I came looking for a review and it was actually a rant and your personal feelings about the cost of upgrades and a casual mention of a few features. Not very informative for a prospective buyer.

  2. Just wanna say that Porsche people spend money on all these accessories is not because they need to, but definitely because they can.

  3. I appreciate your candor but as a former Porsche owner you should know Porsche isn’t for broke jokes. Not sure why you even did this review. Sounds like your a bias Porsche purest who thinks is its not an air cooled 911 it’s garbage. The new Porsches are better cars in every way than the pre-1999 Porsches. I know people who have those Infinity FX behind you who got rid of them because they were garbage and were nothing but issue. I would never own a nissan product. Quality has gone to hell in the past years. And Infinity is nothing more than a glorified over priced Nissan. Sounds like your rant about VW and Cayenne. BTW, I had a 996… great car and would take it over an air cooled model any day. No one who knows about Cayennes buys them for the reliability, they buy them because they like them. If that were the case no one would buy Ferraris or the like. With respect I believe your review is aimed at the ordinary Joe which in my opinion, a Cayenne isn’t suited for the paycheck to paycheck buyer. The people who are unhappy with them are the one who don’t understand what they are getting into and that maintaining this vehicle comes at a cost.

  4. Why bother whingeing about the cost of extras on a car you’ve taken as a trade in? Surely the fact someone has already paid for these makes it more desirable and a better second hand purchase.

    I’d buy that car but from a different dealer

  5. put it this way fella!!! that car, that suv that your standing next to the one you keep bashing!!!
    put it this way again! if it was'nt for the cayenne!! porsche would have gone out of buisness a long time ago!!
    i dont hear you sayin that, wich is fact!
    thats why i own 2 and happy with them both.
    and your wrong again it is a porsche..not a torag
    and if you were as smart as u think you are sir!
    you would know that a car company cant survive just off of 3 two seater sports cars….
    they had to stay in with what everyone else was doing.
    which was comming up with an suv. and they did.

  6. Guys, just checked autotrader, there are tons of 10 year old used cayennes with 100k miles and super clean inside and outside for 10k-12k lol

  7. a fool and his porsche are soon parted and you sir….are a fool!
    hey man nobody cares if you dont like it….I like it , i own one
    and im gonna buy another one oh and by the way from 2008 to 2010 ……never not one problem!!!!
    so in my home town we have a retired german war vet who grew up in stuttgart germany…he was a tank mechanic, 72yrs old this guy
    and strong as an old ox.
    an if u can work on a tank u can work on anything. i had a timing belt put on my old 944 porsche wich i still have… cuz im not a fool!
    u never sell your porsche dude never!!!!
    he only charged me 200 bukks and a six pack. and to this day that ole 944 runs like a champ and it still turns heads in 2019.
    and no sir… you dont get it …..so stop saying it.
    cayennes are great suvs……….i love mine.

  8. this video TICKLES me because in january my father purchased a 2006 infiniti g35 and i bought a 2006 porsche cayenne a few days later. he said he’ll give the porsche 6 months to live cause it had 180,000 miles.

    since then i’ve only changed a bulb in the headlight, put in a new stereo (porsche computers suck after more than 10 years), and an oil change. that’s it. not even a compete tune up yet.

    the porsche cayenne is fun, fast, luxurious, neck-turning, and an overall personal joy to drive everyday and the fact that it’s age doesn’t impede any of these factors goes to show that it’s a timeless vehicle.

  9. If you could stop complaining and over exaggerating many things I think this could’ve been a decent video. Unfortunately it wasn’t. I own a 2008 V6 Cayenne that I bought new for a shade under $60k. I still drive it everyday and it has very easily made it to 175,000 miles. It hasn’t had a lot of issues and has been an amazing car. You complained about paying for many things that I skipped. I only purchased the base model with the Bose sound upgrade and an aftermarket Pioneer nav and backup camera to avoid the $3500 dealer price. I’m sure that if you ever were able to drive and afford one you would understand how advanced they are and that the build quality is undeniable.

  10. You can now get a 2008 for aroud 13,000… I think at that price it's a good deal. And engine reliability on this generation has been terrific.

  11. Nice analogies ! I was looking to get one of these, same year, for $12,500. It looks like they don't hold their value.

  12. I had to stop halfway through. Couldn’t take anymore of the bitching and whining. What I see here is an Infinity salesmen trying to sell more Infinity SUVs by shit talking the Cayenne. Bitching about things that are standard on other current cars but not on the 2008 Cayenne. Pretty sure in 2008 a backup camera was an add on option for most if not all automakers.

  13. I got mine in Jan of 2018…86k miles on it…fresh battery and front brakes. Replaced the ignition coils for about $400 (they wear out normally) and replaced the starter $1000 (covered by warranty). I know I'm looking forward to replacing the driveshaft bearing at some point…but otherwise it just goes and goes. We have put 20k miles on it in one year…

    There is really only one reason to own one of these tho…it is because you want a "driving experience." The handling of the Cayenne puts all other SUVs to shame, hands down! The Cayenne handles better than a Camaro, literally. I own a 2001 Boxster, and the Cayenne is just as fast and takes corners just as well. The cockpit is race-car inspired and NOT luxury oriented. This translates into pure SAFETY! The Cayenne gets 5 stars all around (because it is a Touareg) but the most important part of safety is avoiding accidents in the first place. The Cayenne DOES NOT feel lumbering, or heavy, or rollover prone AT ALL. The confidence that it inspires is truly breathtaking.

    The best parts about the Cayenne were not discussed in this video…The fact that it is a TRUE off-road capable SUV, despite the fact that it out-performs muscle cars all day long! The Air Suspension lowers the vehicle at 70mph…but raises the vehicle to an astounding 10.8in of ground clearance! Compare that to any other SUV out there…The active sway bars also DISENGAGE for full off-road independent wheel articulation. Don't forget the low gear transfer case and locking center differential!! The Cayenne has a MASSIVE 7700lb towing capacity! The stability management will engage the rear brakes to prevent trailer sway. Almost NO US or Japanese SUV offers air suspension, which is key to safe towing. There is LITERALLY no comparison to the Cayenne's ability to go from racetrack to mud pits and hill climbs to sand dunes WITHOUT EVEN CHANGING TIRES. Not even BMW or Mercedes offer the same kind of off-road capability as the Cayenne.

    I've watched and read lots and lots of reviews comparing the Cayenne to SUVs in it's class, like BMW X5, Mercedes G, Range Rover…every single one of the reviews declare the Cayenne the best handling, performing, and driving satisfaction SUV available.

    The thing is, these are LUXURY SUVs. Some practicality is removed to support sportier driving styles. If you don't want the "sporting" part of these vehicles then they are definitely not for you…if you don't drive it FAST, you are wasting your money! However, if you understand and love RennSport…then as someone once said "Porsche…there is NO substitute!"

    The thing to remember is that there are no compromises made…a sports car and a truck were successfully merged together to form "the Cayenne." If you need a truck but hate driving one (and also understand that they are unsafe at freeway speed) then there are not many SUVs out there that fit this bill.

    In 2004 when the Cayenne came out, there were no US carmakers building anything close to as capable…but that is why a Cayenne is so expensive to purchase new. By 2008, there still was NO US equivalent…now look at how many lux-SUV copycats there are!! Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Durango (which are actually built on a Mercedes platform), Lexus and Infinity now make oversized crossovers that look/feel like the Cayenne on-road. The Cayenne is the kind of car is desired by the market but too expensive to build properly. Japanese brands were many years behind and offer no performance (all V6 engines with 3500lb max towing)…and are only copies of the original concept. They do not come close to delivering the kind of performance, or even enter the same price bracket. By the time you find a $70k plus Japanese or US SUV with the same towing capacity and raw Horsepower, you have entered into truck based towing/cargo platforms (Infinity QX80, Toyota Land Cruiser) that don't include the words "performance" or "road-handling" or "driving experience"…these are trucks that are so….BORING!

    That is why I bought mine used!!! Porsche vehicles are not designed to be "used up" they are intended to be "used forever." Let some rich person take the $60k loss! And I know you can't look me in the eye and say that any Land Rover has ANY modicum of "reliability" or "low cost to operate."

  14. My 08 Cayenne has been rock solid. Buy an Infiniti and enjoy replacing your catalytic converters every 6 months. Service your Porsche at a German car specialist, not the dealership and it will be the best vehicle you've ever owned.

  15. Knocking down a successful car to push up the brand you work for never works for me. Oh wait, this was s trade in you now need to get rid of…. smart move.

  16. Lol I love this guy! He sounds like the Ron Paul of automobiles lol.. He could start a whole new channel on cutting straight through the BS on cars.. Love his unfiltered yet professional honesty! Great video!

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